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Recommended Luxury Mattresses

If you’re searching for an ultra-premium mattress that will encourage a luxurious night’s sleep, you’ve come to the right place. We bring you trusted reviews of recommended luxury mattresses to simplify the decision process.

Last updated: February 2024

Up to 40% off
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  • Mattresses starting from $359
  • 5 layers of premium materials
  • 365 night trial & free shipping 1-3 days
  • prosFirm foam with reliable support
  • prosTemperature control cooling properties
  • prosLifetime warranty & 365-night sleep trial
  • consMade overseas
  • consLimited variety
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  • Free delivery & returns with lifetime guarantee
  • Interest-free financing with Affirm
  • 101 night sleep trial
  • prosOutstanding comfort
  • prosLifetime guarantee
  • prosAdaptive support
  • consNo white glove delivery
  • consNot the cheapest option
$1,250 off + $599 in free bedding
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  • GOLS, GOTS & Greenguard Gold Certifications
  • Handcrafted with premium organic materials
  • Customized firmness and thickness
  • prosHighly customizable mattresses
  • pros100% organic and hypoallergenic
  • prosGreat support & cradling
  • consHeavy and difficult to lift/rotate
  • consLarge sizes are costly
  • consNo free white glove delivery
35% off + free accessories
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  • Made by Sealy – America’s Mattress of Choice
  • Proprietary cover dissipates heat
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • pros130 years of experience
  • prosHybrid option available
  • prosInnovative cooling technology
  • consCover is not removable
  • consCover is not machine-washable
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The Complete Guide to Luxury Mattresses

When you think “luxury,” what are the first things that come to mind?

Style, perhaps—something aesthetically pleasing? What about quality—the highest grade of materials? You might think of cars, watches, or jewelry… Whatever it is, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not thinking of mattresses, and here’s why you should be.

Once a relatively underwhelming household amenity, mattresses have now taken center stage, with contemporary sleep brands using the best materials to engineer luxury mattresses that would blow your mall-purchased Serta out of the water. These days, the Ferrari of mattresses exists, and if you can foot the bill, you could be sleeping on it!


Our top picks for February 2024

So, What Exactly Is A Luxury Mattress?

Well, like any luxury product, it is enhanced in pretty much every way imaginable. It usually features more layers than an ordinary mattress, is made of better quality products, and is generally more comfortable and, well, luxurious. It may even be a plush top mattress like the kind you might find in a 5-star hotel. The differences between an ordinary mattress and a luxury mattress can be boiled down into 4 categories: quality of materials, design, customer experience, and price tag. Keep reading to learn more about each of these factors and discover whether a luxury mattress is something you might want for your bedroom.

High-Quality Materials

Every standard mattress material has a luxury counterpart, whether it’s memory foam, latex, or a hybrid innerspring.

Memory Foam

An ordinary memory foam mattress features an average-grade viscoelastic foam that gives off excessive VOCs and wears down over time. A luxury memory foam mattress, on the other hand, is non-toxic and more resistant. It offers the feel of a plush mattress while featuring a high-density foam that boosts reactivity. So, rather than leaving a crater, it snaps back into shape quickly and has a longer lifespan. Some luxury memory foam mattresses are also gel-infused to keep sleepers cool.


Some luxury mattress brands swap out memory foam entirely for all-natural latex, which lends to a healthier sleep environment. Latex is foam-like in feel but softer, more breathable, highly durable, and naturally anti-microbial. However, because latex has to be farmed and processed, latex mattresses tend to be the most expensive of all. The best luxury mattress made with latex comes from Plushbeds, a brand that offers multiple latex mattresses. One model is the Botanical Bliss, which features organic Dunlop latex, organic New Zealand wool, as well as organic cotton.



source: plushbeds.com


What makes an innerspring or hybrid mattress a luxury mattress is both the count and quality of the coils. Luxury mattress brands are more likely to feature a higher count of coils in order to better mitigate motion disturbance. Luxury coils are also tempered, or heated to very high temperatures, in order or make coils stronger and more durable. Saatva tempers their coils three times for ultimate lasting assurance.


source: saatva.com

Top Layers

One of the most immediately identifiable qualities of a luxury mattress is a sumptuous, quilted top layer. To provide soft, cocooning comfort, a plush top mattress may feature a simple quilted design or something more luxurious. The Dreamcloud, for example, features a quilted Euro pillow top that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.



source: dreamcloud.com

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Edge Support
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Saatva is an online mattress retailer offering their Saatva Classic mattress with three different firmness levels in order to cater to the needs of most people. Saatva also offers a Modern Foam mattress for a quality sleep experience at a lower cost and a Latex Hybrid for those sleepers who prefer the feel of latex. Saatva offers financing options, delivers directly to your doorstep, and makes their mattresses right here in the USA.
Pros & Cons
pros iconHigh-quality, USA-based manufacturing
pros iconVariety of firmness options
pros iconCertiPUR-US certified foam
cons iconNot a bed-in-a-box service
cons iconNot the cheapest option
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DreamCloud now offers three luxury mattress models instead of just one! The DreamCloud is 14″ tall, 5-layer luxury hybrid mattress that offers premium support, luxury, contouring, and coolness. Their more premium model is the DreamCloud Premier, which is 15″ tall, 6-layer premium hybrid mattress with a contouring Euro Top and glorious cashmere blend cover. And their latest luxurious offering is the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress, which, standing at 16” tall, is one of the highest mattresses on the market, plus it has a unique cashmere Pillow Top.
Pros & Cons
pros iconHigh quality materials
pros iconSuitable for couples & heavier builds
pros iconPremium edge support for people with limited mobility
pros iconCombines comfort & support
cons iconLimited sinking
cons iconHeavy & difficult to move
Helix Mattress
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Helix believes that everybody has different sleep needs and preferences, and therefore, it makes sense for everyone to have their own custom-built mattress. Depending on the feel, support, point elasticity and temperature of your liking, Helix can build the perfect mattress specifically for your body. In addition to the standard Helix, you’ll also find the Helix LUXE option on their website.  The Helix LUXE features upgrades such as body zoning, a premium quilted pillow top, and an extra 2 inches of height
Pros & Cons
pros iconFully customizable mattress
pros icon3 levels of firmness
pros iconUSA made
cons iconLacks custom memory foam option
cons iconNot the cheapest option


When building luxury mattresses, sleep brands aren’t just concerned with using the best materials, they’re concerned with using them intelligently.

High-end mattresses are the most meticulously engineered and tested to provide the best sleep imaginable. That means overcoming anything that may be impeding good sleep, such as overheating and poor support. More often than not, that means integrating multiple layers, each with its own specific function. Whereas an ordinary mattress may only include three layers, a luxury mattress may include six or more.

To tackle heat regulation, some high-end mattresses, like Nectar Lush, are made with gel-infused foams. Otherwise, they may be designed to wick away body heat and push it out through the walls of the mattress. To improve support and ease aches and pains, many brands feature zoned support. That way, the crucial pressure points in your neck, back, and hips get the exact support they need.



source: nectar.com

Customer Experience

Luxury isn’t only about the product, though. A part of what makes a mattress a luxury mattress is the experience and the identity that comes with it.


For instance, in today’s environmental climate, customers want to know that they are making a smart, sustainable purchase. That’s why many brands have oriented themselves as eco-friendly, using organic and non-toxic materials. It’s also why they advertise local manufacturing, to show that the brand cares about the local economy and also lowering its carbon footprint.

Customer experience

Another part of the customer experience that qualifies a product as luxurious is shipping and handling. Luxury mattress brands like Saatva and Saatva Solaire come with free white glove delivery, bringing the product to you with little to no effort required of the customer. Nectar Lush and Dreamcloud also offer free shipping and returns and a generous year-long at-home trial period.


Beyond luxury comfort is custom comfort. Whether a customer wants a plush mattress or a firm mattress, Saatva allows customers to choose between three levels of firmness. However, the best luxury mattress for customized comfort is Saatva Solaire, which is totally adjustable so that sleepers can switch freely between 50 different firmness levels.



source: saatva.com

Price Tag

Of course, high-end materials, expert engineering, and a catered customer experience come at a cost. Like any luxury product, a luxury mattress is inevitably more expensive than a standard one.

However, when you compare our featured luxury mattress brands to those you might find in-store, prices are not unreasonable. When you shop for mattresses online, you cut out the middle man, eliminating commissions for salespeople, retail markups, and the cost of inventory storage. That’s why, despite the superior quality, these luxury mattresses still end up looking like a bargain next to their retail counterparts.

See how budget-friendly a luxury mattress can be by browsing our reviews!

Our top picks for February 2024


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