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Helix Review

Updated on February 13th, 2024
Jodi King
Reviewed by Jodi King
Dr. Dimitar Marinov
Validated by Dr. Dimitar Marinov - Sleep Specialist

About Helix

Helix Sleep is a mattress brand that offers both customizable and hybrid mattress varieties with prices ranging from budget friendly options to more premium luxury models. I just had mine delivered and I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience napping on it with my husband.  For your reference, I’m a 5’6, side sleeper and toss and turn all night long, even when I’m not pregnant.  My husband and I both prefer a medium-firm mattress, and we were sent the Helix Midnight mattress to test out.

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    Value for money
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8.5 Overall Score

2 Minutes on Helix Mattress

Pros & Cons

  • Fully customizable mattress
  • 3 levels of firmness
  • USA made
  • Lacks custom memory foam option
  • Not the cheapest option

Sizes & Pricing

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Helix Midnight

  • Mattress type icon
    Mattress Type Hybrid
  • Mattress price & size icon
    Price $1,332 - Queen
  • Mattress firmness icon
    Firmness Medium Firm
  • Mattress trial period icon
    Trial 100 Nights
  • Mattress warranty icon
    Warranty 10-15 Years
  • Special feature icon Hot Sleepers
  • Special feature icon Combination Sleepers
  • Special feature icon Back Pain
  • Special feature icon Couples
  • Special feature icon Pressure relief
  • Special feature icon Motion Isolation
  • Special feature icon Edge support

Firmness Level

The specific Helix mattress I received was pretty firm, but it was the right kind of firm. I would say that it’s about a 7/10 the firmness level which I really like. The beauty and uniqueness of the Helix mattress is that they are custom built to your needs and preference, with 3 different firmness levels to choose from, including a soft feel, medium firm feel and firm feel.  I was sent the Helix mattress with the medium firm feel (the Midnight) since that’s how I feel most comfortable and supported, especially as a pregnant woman sharing the bed with my husband. Firmer than that though I fear it would not be comfortable.


soft_icon Soft
firm_icon Firm

Cooling Properties

The cooling properties in the Helix mattress are amazing, and are very felt here that they are built into the mattress as well as the hypoallergenic fabric. From what I was told, there are actually microcoils placed in the middle of the mattress to provide that extra sense of cooling, allowing for additional airflow. I would give this mattress a really high score of a 2/10 on cooling, with 1 being the cooling.

soft_icon Cool
firm_icon Hot

Pressure Relief

The layers of memory foam and polyfoam in the Helix mattresses are designed with pressure relief in mind. The combination provides an ideal balance in the mattress, with a feeling of cushioning, support and contouring of the entire body, especially on the shoulders and hips.

soft_icon Low Pressure
firm_icon High Pressure


This hybrid mattress is very responsive, especially thanks to the coils which help add an element of bounce and makes it easy and comfortable to change positions as much as I want.  It really forms to your body and cradles those aches and pains.

soft_icon No Bounce
firm_icon Very Responsive

Motion Isolation

I performed the class water in a glass test to check out the motion transfer of the Helix Mattress.  I placed a glass of water on one side of the bed and went to the other side of the bed to see what happens. I even moved again to double check, and to my surprise, the water didn’t even budge. So for motion transfer and isolation, this mattress earns a 10/10 with individually wrapped springs.

soft_icon Low Motion Isolation
firm_icon High Motion Isolation

Edge Support

After scooting over to the side of the bed, almost at the edge, I didn’t feel like I was falling off, so I’ll give it an 8/10 on the edge support ranking. This was especially nice as a pregnant woman to feel this peace of mind.

Mattress Materials

When searching for a Helix mattress, you’ll be asked on their site to answer a sleep quiz in order to provide you with the optimal mattress for your needs and likes. The quiz uses what Helix calls “innovative sleep science” in order to customize your mattress. Depending on the following attributes, your final mattress gets designed based on these criteria:

  • Feel preference: Whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress
  • Support requirements: Calculated by plugging in your height, weight and sleeping position
  • Temperature regulation: Does your body get cold or hot at night?
  • Point elasticity: How much pressure relief do you need?

The vast majority of the Helix mattresses are built from combinations of the following layers:

Helix dynamic foam layer

This is Helix’s proprietary foam layer, which has a very strong reaction to pressure. Laying down on a mattress with this layer at the top will make you feel like you are on a mattress as opposed to sinking into it. The dynamicity of the foam allows you to change positions very easily and still feel supported.


The microcoils are usually placed in the middle of a mattress because they are known for their excellent cooling features. They allow for extended airflow, add to the mattress’ springiness and make motion transfer seamless.


Mostly used as the mattress’ foundation, the polyfoam is a dense, strong layer that is meant to support the mattress and the user.

LUXE Additions

Helix LUXE mattresses also include body zoning via lumbar support coils, a premium quilted pillow top, an ultra breathable cover, and an extra 2″ in height over the standard mattresses. Some models, such as the Midnight LUXE, also include memory foam.

Customer Support

Helix’s customer support can be reached via phone, live chat, and email during business hours. The customer representatives normally do get back to you quickly. There are also plenty of video tutorials available on the company’s YouTube channel, and you can also check the FAQ section and the blog if you are looking for more information.

Phone support icon
Phone Support 831-777-5976
Chat support icon
Live Chat 10am - 10pm ET, Monday to Sunday

Customer Support

- Overall Score -
Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Half filled rating star icon
  • Professionalism 9.0
  • Response Time 8.0

User Reviews

Average User Rating

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Very Quality Mattresses
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Excellent return and pick up process. Quality mattresses. We found the firmness levels from the sleep quiz to be a bit firm for us. We dropped down from the Midnight, to the Moonlight, to the Sunset.


Final Word

Overall Helix offers great mattresses, the Helix Midnight I reviewed get stats across the board, and even if it’s not the right match for you, the fact that you can build your own mattress and also try it for 100 nights is really invaluable. The personal touch of the Helix mattress was very soft and comfortable, almost feels like you’re sleeping on a nice little cloud.


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Jodi King avatar

Jodi King

Jodi King has been an interior decorator for many years specializing in bedroom décor and design. She has been researching mattresses and matching the correct mattress for her customers’ needs for years. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to looking for the perfect mattress and is a contributor to Top 5 Mattresses.

Dr. Dimitar Marinov - Sleep Specialist

Dr. Dimitar Marinov is an experienced physician and scientist who has been actively conducting research in the field of sleep hygiene for the last 5 years. He is a chief assistant professor in Hygiene and works at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Thanks to his expertise in sleep hygiene and outstanding research skills, he is a valuable addition to our website as he fact-checks our content and ensures the accuracy of any medical terminology you may encounter. You may learn more about Dr. Marinov and his research via ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and his personal website.

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