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Helix believes that everybody has different sleep needs and preferences, and therefore, it makes sense for everyone to have their own custom-built mattress. Depending on the feel, support, point elasticity and temperature of your liking, Helix can build the perfect mattress specifically for your body. In addition to the standard Helix, you’ll also find the Helix LUXE option on their website.  The Helix LUXE features upgrades such as body zoning, a premium quilted pillow top, and an extra 2 inches of height.


Sizes & Pricing

The standard Helix mattress and the Helix Luxe mattress are both available in the following 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The standard mattresses are 10″ high whereas the LUXE mattresses are 12″ high. The regular prices are below, but sometimes the brand has sales.

Twin: The twin-sized mattress dimensions are 39 x 75″, and it costs $600 for the standard and $995 for the LUXE.

Twin XL: The twin XL mattress dimensions are 39 x 80″, and it is priced at $700 for the standards and $1,299 for the LUXE.

Full: The full-sized mattress dimensions are 54 x 75 “, and it costs $850 for the standard and $1,499 for the LUXE.

Queen: The queen-sized mattress dimensions are 60 x 80″. It costs $999 for the standard and $1,799 for the LUXE.

King: The king-sized mattress dimensions are 76 x 80″, and it’s priced at $1,249 for the standard and $2,149 for the LUXE.

California King: The CA King mattress dimensions are 72 x 84″, and it costs $1,249 for the standard and $2,149 for the LUXE.

All the mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Twin XL
California King
LUXE Queen
LUXE California King


Helix asks you to answer a sleep quiz in order to provide you with the optimal mattress for your needs and likes. The quiz uses what Helix calls “innovative sleep science” in order to customize your mattress. Depending on the following attributes, your final mattress gets designed based on these criteria:

  • Feel preference: Whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress
  • Support requirements: Calculated by plugging in your height, weight and sleeping position
  • Temperature regulation: Does your body get cold or hot at night?
  • Point elasticity: How much pressure relief do you need?

The vast majority of the Helix mattresses are built from combinations of the following layers:

Helix dynamic foam layer

This is Helix’s proprietary foam layer, which has a very strong reaction to pressure. Laying down on a mattress with this layer at the top will make you feel like you are on a mattress as opposed to sinking into it. The dynamicity of the foam allows you to change positions very easily and still feel supported.


The microcoils are usually placed in the middle of a mattress because they are known for their excellent cooling features. They allow for extended airflow, add to the mattress’ springiness and make motion transfer seamless.


Mostly used as the mattress’ foundation, the polyfoam is a dense, strong layer that is meant to support the mattress and the user.

LUXE Additions

Helix LUXE mattresses also include body zoning via lumbar support coils, a premium quilted pillow top, an ultra breathable cover, and an extra 2″ in height over the standard mattresses. Some models, such as the Midnight LUXE, also include memory foam.


Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is made up of polyester, and because it is considerably thin, it ensures maximum breathability. This thinness also ensures that the cover causes no interference with the mattress’ top layer. As for the Helix LUXE, a premium quilted top with Ultra Breathable technology is used for the cover.

Firmness, Feel & Support

Helix mattresses are custom built according to your preferences and needs. If you go with a medium-firm mattress, they will design one that combines the qualities of both soft and firm mattresses. Their mattresses allow easy motion transfer without getting stuck on the mattress, and they also ensure that a maximum number of sleeping positions are catered for. The LUXE mattress provides additional support under the hips and shoulders thanks to an inclusion of zoned lumbar support coils. It’s highly recommended that you fill the sleep quiz to the best of your knowledge because the users who have given the most honest answers have gotten a mattress that gives them their ideal firmness, feel, and support.

Pillow Offerings

Helix offers four different pillows. If you’re struggling to find a pillow that’s right for you, the Helix Adjustable Pillow might be the answer. As the name suggests, this pillow can be customized, with several adjustable height and firmness options, going from short to tall and soft to firm.

The Wedge Pillow provides pressure support and is good not just for sleep, but also for lying in bed and watching TV or reading. It includes gel memory foam for cooling comfort. It comes in one standard size.

The Ultra-Cool Pillow is for those who struggle with feeling too hot to sleep. Available in standard and king sizes, it includes phase-change materials that regulate to your temperature. This pillow has a plush feel thanks to its down-alternative fiber filling.

The Down & Feather Pillow is the most luxurious of Helix’s pillow offerings. It has an ultra-soft cotton cover and a unique three-chamber design that keeps feathers from clumping while providing support and comfort.


Shipping is free and pillows come with a 100 night trial period and 1-year warranty.

Adjustable Beds

The Helix Adjustable Base includes most of the basic features of an adjustable bed, including Zero-Gravity support (head and feet raise), a remote control and memory settings, and 3D-Wave Massage technology with three intensity levels and a timer. It is designed to accommodate all types of mattresses.

Helix does not offer a trial period or white glove delivery for its adjustable bed. They offer free shipping and a 10-year warranty. Helix also recommends two people to set up and install. Helix’s adjustable bed frame comes in four sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King Half, and Cal King Half. For A King mattress, purchase two king half bases and for a Cal King, purchase two Cal King Half bases.

Adjustable Bed Prices:

  • The Twin XL adjustable bed measures 38” x 80” and costs $750.
  • The Queen adjustable bed measures 60” x 80” and costs $850.
  • The King Half adjustable bed measures 38” x 80” and costs $750.
  • The Cal King Half adjustable bed measures 36” x 84” and costs $750.

Purchase & Delivery Process

In order to buy a mattress, fill in the sleep quiz and then enter your email address. Once you’re done, your personalized mattress criteria are created for you. You can pay for the mattress directly from the website. Financing options are also available. Klarna offers no-interest financing if the mattress is paid for in full within 6-12 months, and Zibby provides financing for those with low or no FICO scores. Helix mattresses are made in the US and normally get delivered within 3-7 business days (Helix standard) or 6-10 business days (LUXE).

Mattress Toppers

The Helix Plush Mattress Topper promises “hotel bed” comfort in your own home. It utilizes a unique fiberfill to provide optimal comfort that remains throughout the night and it is made from resilient, durable, and super-soft bamboo fibers. Safe for sensitive skin and 100% hypoallergenic, the Helix Plush Topper is machine washable, comes with a 1-year warranty, and is available for as little as $110, making it one of the cheapest luxury mattress toppers on the market. Try it today with a 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Pros & Cons

  • Fully customizable mattress
  • Usage of microcolis foam to aid airflow
  • 100-night sleep trial and 10-year mattress warranty
  • Smooth motion transfer
  • Interest-free financing available
  • Lacks custom memory foam option

Customer support

Helix’s customer support can be reached via phone, live chat, and email during business hours. The customer representatives normally do get back to you quickly. There are also plenty of video tutorials available on the company’s YouTube channel, and you can also check the FAQ section and the blog if you are looking for more information.

  • Phone Support
    Customer support via phone during business hours.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is available on the website during business hours.
  • Email
    Support via email is available by emailing the help team directly.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are plenty of video tutorials on the company’s YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    An informative FAQ section is available on the company website.
  • Blog
    There is a blog that offers a variety of tips, interviews, and creative educational articles.

Final Word

Helix does what not many mattress sellers do not: it builds a personalized mattress that is perfect for your sleep needs. While the edge support on the Helix isn’t great, the mattresses are competitively priced and a great option if you are a hot sleeper or sleeping with a partner. With a 100-night trial period, a 10-year warranty (15 years for LUXE), free shipping, customizable firmness, and a CertiPUR-US certification, Helix offers a made-to-order mattress that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Jodi King

Jodi King has been an interior decorator for many years specializing in bedroom décor and design. She has been researching mattresses and matching the correct mattress for her customers’ needs for years. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to looking for the perfect mattress and is a contributor to Top 5 Mattresses.


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