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Recommended Cooling Mattresses

Tired of searching for the right cooling mattress? Our mission is to help make your decision process easier by sharing reviews, rankings, and comparisons of some of the best cooling mattresses, so you can rest easy.

Last updated: April 2024

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  • Made by Sealy – America’s Mattress of Choice
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  • consCover is not removable
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  • Newly released Emma CliMax Hybrid
  • Perfect for plus-sized sleepers and couples
  • 365 night sleep trial
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  • prosSuitable for all types of sleepers
  • prosZero motion transfer
  • consLimited mattress options
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How to Choose a Cooling Mattress

There’s nothing worse than waking up in a pool of your own sweat. Not only is it icky and uncomfortable, it can completely interrupt your sleep and leave you feeling unrested throughout the day. Maintaining an ideal sleeping temperature, around a cool 65°F, is crucial to getting the restorative REM sleep that our bodies require.

Unfortunately, many people have trouble with sleep temperature regulation. Sometimes, uncontrollable factors like age, climate, hormones, and health conditions are behind this struggle. In most cases, though, the culprit is the sleep environment. Heavy, non-breathable bedding and heat-trapping mattresses can cause your resting temperature to spike and seriously impede your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Recommended Mattresses

These are some of the most recommended cooling mattresses:

Our top picks for April 2024

Whatever the reason is behind your sleeping hot, it’s important that you make the necessary changes to keep cool. First things first, turn your thermostat down! If you’re still struggling with night sweats and sleeping hot, it’s time to start looking for a new, cooling mattress. This article will provide all the details you need to choose the best cooling mattress so you can wake up dry and well-rested.

The Best Cooling Mattress Materials

Not all mattresses are made equal and, while sleeping hot is a common sleep issue, not all mattresses address it. While you do your mattress shopping, keep an eye out for these cooling mattress materials.

Natural Latex

For the core of your mattress, the best material for keeping the sleep environment cool is natural latex. Derived from the sap of rubber trees, latex is whipped and baked into a foam with an open cell structure that allows it to breathe. Through these cells, heat and moisture flow away from the body, preventing the buildup of trapped heat better than any other foam. Other benefits of latex include good support and responsiveness, motion cancellation, superior durability, and the fact that it is free of chemicals.

natural latex from tree

Cooling Gel

A cool gel mattress is the most common type of cooling mattress you are likely to come across in your shopping. This refers to a mattress in which gel beads are infused or swirled into foam in order to absorb and dissipate heat. Cooling gel is commonly used in memory foam, which is popular for its body-contouring support but also prone to trapping heat. People who enjoy the unique feel of sleeping on memory foam, but want to avoid overheating should look for a cooling memory foam mattress like the Nectar Mattress or the GhostBed Luxe.

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Nectar makes mattresses that are designed for people with all kinds of sleep preferences. No matter which side you sleep on, the mattress offers optimal comfort. Nectar provides a lifetime warranty and a 365-day sleep trial for their mattresses.
Pros & Cons
pros iconFirm foam with reliable support
pros iconTemperature control cooling properties
pros iconLifetime warranty & 365-night sleep trial
cons iconMade overseas
cons iconLimited variety
Hot Sleepers
Side Sleepers
Edge Support
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DreamCloud now offers three luxury mattress models instead of just one! The DreamCloud is 14″ tall, 5-layer luxury hybrid mattress that offers premium support, luxury, contouring, and coolness. Their more premium model is the DreamCloud Premier, which is 15″ tall, 6-layer premium hybrid mattress with a contouring Euro Top and glorious cashmere blend cover. And their latest luxurious offering is the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress, which, standing at 16” tall, is one of the highest mattresses on the market, plus it has a unique cashmere Pillow Top.
Pros & Cons
pros iconHigh quality materials
pros iconSuitable for couples & heavier builds
pros iconPremium edge support for people with limited mobility
pros iconCombines comfort & support
cons iconLimited sinking
cons iconHeavy & difficult to move

Perforated Foam

As a rule, people who sleep hot should try to avoid mattresses made primarily of synthetic foams like polyurethane and memory foam. However, if you must choose a foam mattress, choose one that features perforations. Perforated foam provides channels that promote air circulation, allowing for hot air and moisture to flow away from the sleep surface.


A fantastic cooling mattress option for hot sleepers is a hybrid mattress, which has a coil layer that serves as an air circulation chamber. In this layer, hot air is pushed through and out of the mattress, not only keeping it cool, but also keeping it fresh. Some mattresses, like the Saatva Classic Mattress, even feature multiple coil layers for unbeatable breathability above and beyond what you might find in a foam mattress. Look for a hybrid mattress that pairs coils with a latex or cooling gel memory foam layer to double up on temperature regulation.

cooling saatva mattress
source: saatva.com


When it comes to the sleep surface, a breathable material is key to keeping you cool. Natural fibers like cotton, especially organic cotton, are ideal. Cotton is light, airy, cool to the touch, and moisture-wicking so that you stay as dry as possible even on unavoidably hot nights.


Wool can be quite expensive, so it isn’t often used in mattresses. When it is, though, you can be sure that the mattress will keep you nice and comfortable, whether that means warming the body up when it’s cold outside or keeping it cool. Because of its natural thermoregulating properties, wool is one of the best mattress materials for keeping the sleep environment at an ideal sleeping temperature. As you shop for a cooling mattress, keep an eye out for one with a wool-woven mattress cover or a comfort layer stuffed with wool.

How to Choose a Cooling Mattress

First and foremost, you’ll need to narrow down your research to mattresses that feature the cooling materials listed above. Next, you’ll need to consider your comfort needs and preferences.

  • What is your sleep position? If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you might prefer the support of a hybrid mattress. If you are a side sleeper, you might prefer the contouring support of a latex or cooling memory foam mattress.
  • Do you prefer a firm or a plush mattress? Look for a mattress that matches your firmness preferences or one that you can customize to fit your fancy.
  • Do you sleep with a partner? If so, you might benefit from a mattress that minimizes motion transfer. Prioritize a cool gel mattress or latex mattress over a hybrid mattress, which is more likely to move when you or your partner toss and turn.

Finally, you should consider practical factors like budget, trial periods, shipping and return costs, and mattress sizes. Keep in mind that some cooling mattresses may be more expensive than standard mattresses, especially those that feature natural materials like latex, cotton, and wool. Because you are looking for a mattress that meets a specific need, it is also a good idea to choose a mattress with a good trial period. After all your research, you wouldn’t want to settle for a mattress that doesn’t actually meet your cooling needs!


Sleeping hot is a common problem that can have serious side effects on your day-to-day and long-term health if unaddressed. If you suffer from sleeping hot, it may be time to swap your current mattress for a new cooling mattress. Thankfully, there are plenty of mattresses to choose from. Just look for mattresses that feature cooling materials like latex, cooling gel, and cotton.

Some of the best cooling mattresses are waiting to be discovered here on our site! Browse to check out reviews and be on your way to cooler sleep.

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