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Best Firm Mattresses

If you’re tired of waking up with back pain, then you’ve come to the right place. We aim to ease your decision-making process by sharing reviews of the top-rated firm mattresses to get you started on that better night’s sleep now.

Last updated: April 2024

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  • Newly released Emma CliMax Hybrid
  • Perfect for plus-sized sleepers and couples
  • 365 night sleep trial
  • prosSupportive while relieving pressure
  • prosSuitable for all types of sleepers
  • prosZero motion transfer
  • consLimited mattress options
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  • 5 layers of pure comfort for combo-sleepers
  • Free shipping & returns
  • 180 night sleep trial
  • prosBudget friendly
  • pros180-night sleep trial
  • prosFree shipping & returns
  • prosQuality construction
  • consNot ideal for light sleepers
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Everything You Need To Know About Firm Mattresses

A firm mattress is a mattress that provides additional support for your body while sleeping. For those that suffer from back pain or other types of pain, a firm mattress can be extremely helpful as it can assist in keeping your spine aligned in a neutral position.  For those that are stomach or back sleepers, firm mattresses can also be a great choice, as they can be helpful in preventing the hips and shoulders from sinking into the mattress.  In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress, as well as how to choose the right firmness for your needs. 

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The Benefits of Firm Mattresses 

Firm mattresses offer a wide variety of benefits while sleeping. One of the most common is to improve back pain relief, as it can help your spine stay aligned in a neutral position.  Firm mattresses also provide increased support, which can help improve your posture.  As for pressure points, firm mattresses can also reduce them throughout your body, preventing pain or discomfort.  Overall, firm mattresses are known to encourage better quality of sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 

Sleep Positions 

The ideal firmness for a mattress varies, and depends greatly on your specific sleep position. If you are a back sleeper for example, you’ll want to opt for a mattress that provides sufficient support for your lower back. If you are a side sleeper, however, you’ll need a mattress that gives you the support needed for your shoulders and hips.  And if you’re a stomach sleeper? You’ll need to ensure that the mattress you choose is firm enough to prevent your hips from sinking into your mattress.

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DreamCloud now offers three luxury mattress models instead of just one! The DreamCloud is 14″ tall, 5-layer luxury hybrid mattress that offers premium support, luxury, contouring, and coolness. Their more premium model is the DreamCloud Premier, which is 15″ tall, 6-layer premium hybrid mattress with a contouring Euro Top and glorious cashmere blend cover. And their latest luxurious offering is the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress, which, standing at 16” tall, is one of the highest mattresses on the market, plus it has a unique cashmere Pillow Top.
Pros & Cons
pros iconHigh quality materials
pros iconSuitable for couples & heavier builds
pros iconPremium edge support for people with limited mobility
pros iconCombines comfort & support
cons iconLimited sinking
cons iconHeavy & difficult to move
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Nectar makes mattresses that are designed for people with all kinds of sleep preferences. No matter which side you sleep on, the mattress offers optimal comfort. Nectar provides a lifetime warranty and a 365-day sleep trial for their mattresses.
Pros & Cons
pros iconFirm foam with reliable support
pros iconTemperature control cooling properties
pros iconLifetime warranty & 365-night sleep trial
cons iconMade overseas
cons iconLimited variety

Understanding Firmness 

It’s become a standard practice in the mattress world to measure firmness on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.  You can determine if the firmness is right for you by going to a store and laying down on the mattress to get a feel of what sleeping the night on it would be like – ideally feeling supported without being too compressed.  If you decide to order online however, for a more efficient and sometimes even cost-effective option, you should opt to read reviews from other users that sleep in a similar position to you. If you are really worried, do keep in mind that most brands do offer generous trials with free returns.  

When choosing the right firmness level for you, you’ll need to take your weight, body type, sleep positions and individual preferences into account. Heavier builds need a more firm mattress for additional support, and as for soft or firm being more comfortable – that’s something that can be rather subjective. 

Types of Firm Mattresses 

There are a wide variety of firm mattresses on the market, including innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses. Innerspring are the most common and are made from a series of springs to provide support while sleeping. Foam mattresses are constructed from a single piece of foam that also provides support while sleeping and come in a variety of firmness levels. And Latex mattresses, unsurprisingly made from latex, which also provides support and is best known for its comfort and durability.  

Pricing of Firm Mattresses

Similar to all mattresses, firm mattresses range in price, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars – it really depends on the specific mattress and brand.  Firm mattresses are however in general more pricey than soft mattresses since they are made with more costly materials. The investment is likely to be worth it for a better night’s sleep, as well as the fact that they can help prevent health problems down the line. 

In Summary 

Firm mattresses have no shortage of benefits, including improved back pain relief, better sleep quality, reduced pressure points and increased support while sleeping. If you’re looking for a new mattress, a firm mattress might be the right choice for you – just be sure to consider your budget and read reviews.

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