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Updated on January 18th, 2024
Rachel Pardo
Written by Rachel Pardo
Dr. Dimitar Marinov
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How does this sound?  Wake up early, full of energy and strength to take on the day.  Spend your day creating and accomplishing goals.  Eat healthy, exercise, and laugh- a lot! Come home, wind down, sleep- and repeat!  Sounds like a dream, right?  Well it could be your reality with the right mattress!  Different types of mattresses fit different needs, and finding the right one for you will help you get that rest that your body deserves. In this article we will discuss two amazing mattress companies in particular, DreamCloud and Nectar.  We will explain the pros and cons of each and how to decide which mattress is right for you.

Before going into detail about DreamCloud vs Nectar, it’s important to know a few facts that will help you make the best purchase. What kind of sleeper are you? Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a rotator?  This information will help you decide on the mattress firmness.  The measurements for mattress firmness are actually universal with one being the softest and ten being the firmest.  Side sleeping is actually by far the most common sleeping position and we recommend soft medium to medium mattress firmness.  With that bit of information, let’s begin.

Both DreamCloud and Nectar carry a few mattress models.  They vary based on different qualities that are valuable to consumers.  Some focus more on temperature control and staying cool, while others are geared more towards the comforts of memory foam.  There’s a lot out there, so we’re going to focus on the signature mattresses of each company.  We will also cover a general overview on what each company has to offer to better help you with your decision of choosing between DreamCloud vs Nectar.

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The DreamCloud– Luxury Hybrid Mattress is DreamCloud’s most popular bed.  In mattress terminology a “hybrid” is any mattress that combines multiple forms of support and comfort, usually some mixture of memory foam, gel, and innerspring coil technology.

It’s a wonderful option because you get the best of both worlds.  The support of coils, the cooling effects of the gel, and the plush comfort of memory foam.

The Luxury Hybrid mattress comprises five layers, at a firmness level of 6.5:

  1. SOFT-TO-THE-TOUCH COVER – Keep cozy and cool with quilted foam and cashmere on top.
  2. PRESSURE-RELIEF COMFORT LAYER- Get relief wherever you need it with gel memory foam that contours to your shape.  This layer also acts as temperature control, making sure your mattress stays cool and you don’t overheat.
  3. SINK-IN-JUST-RIGHT LAYER- Sink in, but don’t get swallowed alive – this layer ensures it.
  4. TARGETED-SUPPORT COIL LAYER- Get custom relief with innerspring individually wrapped coils that adapt to your body. This is part of their “stay-put” technology, so you don’t feel your partner moving around while you’re trying to sleep.
  5. ESSENTIAL BASE LAYER- This layer ensures everything above it performs at the highest level


The DreamCloud- Luxury Hybrid Mattress comes rolled up tightly in a box.  No need to worry about damaged corners as the delivery guy halls the mattress up the stairs.  You simply bring the box into your room, open, unroll and voila! All ready to go!

Some other great benefits of DreamCloud mattresses are that you get a 365 night FREE trial.  That’s right, you can try out this bed for a whole year worry free.  If you don’t love it, you can just send it back.  There is a lifetime warranty, which means that as long as the mattress is in the original purchaser’s ownership and the mattress becomes damaged from normal use, they will repair or replace your mattress free of charge.  There is also free shipping in the entire continental US, and free returns.  In addition to that you get a set of sheets, a set of pillows, and a mattress protector with each purchase.  This mattress is a Queen size costs $999.00 with financing options available through Affirm or Splitit.

The DreamCloud mattresses are so luxurious that they are the mattress of choice for 5 star hotels.  Some of those hotels include The Hilton, The Fairmont, The Four Seasons, The Peninsula, and The Marriott.


The most popular Nectar Mattress is The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress.  Just like DreamCloud, it is made up of five layers at a firmness level of 6.5:

  1. Quilted Cool Cover- Conk out cool with this soft, breathable poly-blend cover featuring heat wicking, cooling technology.
  2. Nectar Smart Layer With ActiveCool HD- Zonk out in a temperature-responsive oasis, with a 3-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam with phase-change material. (Designed in labs to react to your rising and dropping body temperatures, auto-adjusting to your temperature as you sleep.)
  3. Dynamic Support Layer- Get tailored bounce-back with 3 inches of dynamically adjusting foam. Get the support your body needs to relax into a deep sleep.
  4. Stay-Stable Base Layer- This sturdy 7-inch foam layer ensures the comfort and support layers above it perform at their best.
  5. Shift-Resistant Lower Cover- No slip-and-slide here. Your mattress stays together, no matter how much you jump on it.

Nectar also offers a 365 night free trial, a forever warranty (as long as the original purchaser is in ownership of the mattress, the warranty is valid), free shipping and return, as well as no contact delivery! Nectar has taken extra precautions to ensure your safety during these difficult times of the CoronaVirus. You can read about it here: Nectar Sleep’s Delivery During Coronavirus Response​ You also get a complimentary set of sheets, 2 pillows, a mattress protector and Google Nest Hub.Together that is valued at $498.00, which you get for free! There is also financing available with Affirm. A Queen size mattress cost $1,299.00.

DreamCloud VS Nectar

It’s time to compare and contrast DreamCloud vs Nectar signature mattresses.

What DreamCloud and Nectar have in common:

  1. 365 night free trial- One whole year to try out your new mattress and decide if it’s a good fit for you.  If you don’t like it, you can have it sent back free of charge.
  2. Warranty- As long as the original purchaser owns the mattress, the warranty is valid
  3. Free shipping and returns
  4. Complementary set of sheets, pillows, and mattress protector
  5. Vacuum sealed in a nice little box
  6. About the actual mattress- Comprising five layers of material. Both have cooling features, and memory foam
  7. Have a firmness level of 6.5

DreamCloud Benefits

  1. Spring coils in individual pockets with “stay-put” technology so that you don’t feel your partner moving around
  2. Five star hotels use DreamCloud mattresses because of their luxurious comfort and quality
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Nectar Benefits

  1. Extra precautions taken during these difficult times of CoronaVirus
  2. Contouring memory foam mattress with cooling properties
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The bottom line is that when choosing DreamCloud vs Nectar mattresses you can’t go wrong.  Both are really amazing choices for your back and your wallet.  You will sleep better and feel better with either choice!

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Best mattress for primarily back sleeper with back problems (4 lumbar surgeries with metal rod). Sometimes side sleeper.

Honestly both Nectar and Dreamcloud mattresses offer characteristics that make them a great choice for those with back problems, but Dreamcloud might be the better choice as it's hybrid design offers a balance of support and comfort.

Honestly both Nectar and Dreamcloud mattresses offer characteristics that make them a great choice for those with back problems, but Dreamcloud might be the better choice as it’s hybrid design offers a balance of support and comfort.


whichever mattress I order when delivered to my address will I have the company to set it up .

Both companies offer a variety of additional services such as set up for an extra fee

Both companies offer a variety of additional services such as set up for an extra fee


Can I get the DreamCloud premier in a firm instead of medium firm? I do not want the sag in the middle at all. I am 240lbs.

Unfortunately not it's only available in a medium-firm but it does seem as though you would sag in it.

Unfortunately not it’s only available in a medium-firm but it does seem as though you would sag in it.

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