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Best Mattresses for Kids

Searching for the right mattress for your kids? Our mission is to help make your decision process easier by sharing reviews, rankings, and comparisons of some of the best mattresses, so you and your kids can rest easy.

Last updated: July 2024

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  • Protects against spills & accidents
  • Responsive & supportive comfort
  • Fiber-glass free for secure sleep
  • prosA range of luxury all-foam and hybrid mattresses
  • prosFree shipping & returns
  • consMay not be comfortable for heavier bodies
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  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Designed to support a growing body
  • Free from harmful chemicals
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  • prosGreat support & cradling
  • consHeavy and difficult to lift/rotate
  • consLarge sizes are costly
  • consNo free white glove delivery
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  • Natural & organic materials for safe sleep
  • Designed to support growing bodies
  • Built for breathable comfort
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  • prosTemperature control keeps you cool during hot nights
  • consNo options for customization
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  • Designed to reduce tossing & turning
  • Made from high-resilience foam
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • prosAdjustable firmness
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  • prosAffordable pricing
  • consNot ideal for heavier builds
  • consOnly available online
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Guide to Choosing A Kids Mattress

Looking for the perfect mattress for your child? This can be a more important decision than even choosing a mattress for yourself. These are the most crucial years of their growth and development, meaning the right mattress needs to go beyond providing a comfortable night’s sleep. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most informed and best mattress choice for your child, ensuring both of you get the best sleep possible.

Recommended Mattresses

These are some of the most recommended mattresses:

What Do Kids Need in a Mattress?

Children have unique needs, and the same goes for their sleep. A mattress for kids needs to offer the right balance between support and comfort, adapting to their various growth stages and dynamic needs. 

Some necessary considerations include the following: 

Support and Size

A mattress for kids needs to provide sufficient spinal support for healthy growth and optimal comfort. A twin-size mattress is often enough for younger children, but as they grow, they might need a twin XL or even a full-sized mattress. It depends on their height, and you’ll need to ensure they have enough room to grow. 

Comfort Based on Age

No child is the same, and this runs especially true for their specific age.  The ideal mattress for a kid depends on their age. For example, for young children and toddlers, a soft to medium-firm mattress tends to be sufficient in its cushioning and support. For older children and teenagers, they’ll likely need a firmer mattress with a medium to firm mattress. This offers additional support for their varying sleep positions and growing bodies.

A child happily sleeping on her comfortable new mattress

Additional Considerations When Buying a Kids Mattress

There are several factors to take into consideration when purchasing a mattress for your children, and it changes through every stage of their growth. This includes the type of mattress, the material, size, firmness, and even the trial and return policies. We’ll cover each here. 

Types and Materials

Understanding the various types of mattresses and materials used is essential to ensuring comfort and support for your child’s sleep. Each different material offers distinct benefits that we’ll guide you through. 

Memory Foam

Mattresses made from memory foam offer great pressure relief and body contouring, which is excellent for children who need extra comfort during these years. 


An innerspring mattress provides robust support and durability. This offers a bouncy feel that some kids might prefer having. 


Latex mattresses are known to have eco-friendly properties and hypoallergenic benefits. This makes it a perfect choice for children with certain allergies.


Hybrid mattresses combine foam and innerspring. This offers a balance of support and comfort – making them adaptable to the needs of most children. 

Size and Firmness

You’ll need to ensure you chose the right mattress size (twin, twin XL, or full) and firmness (soft, medium, firm) for your child. This depends on their age, size, and of course, also their personal preferences. Comfort for one child isn’t necessarily the same for another child. A medium-firm hybrid mattress can make for a good versatile choice, as it’s suitable for various sleeping positions and provides support throughout growth stages. 

Durability, Trials, and Returns

When looking for a new mattress, whether for your child or yourself, it’s always beneficial to opt for one with a generous trial period. Some brands even offer trial periods as long as 365 nights! This allows you to test out the comfort of the mattress and understand if it’s right for you before fully committing.  Your child might also not always be able to tell right away what’s most comfortable. Many brands offer lifetime warranties, or at least 10-15 year warranties. This also provides peace of mind that you’re covered, especially with the wear and tear that childhood brings.

When It’s Time for a New Mattress For Your Kid

If you’ve noticed signs of wear and tear in your child’s mattress, this is likely a sign that it’s time for a new mattress. Further, if your child has been complaining of discomfort, or has been having trouble sleeping, it might also very well be time to upgrade. Another inevitable factor that can’t be ignored is the growth of your children. If the mattress no longer supports their body size or growth, you’ll need to invest in their well-being and sleep quality. 


Choosing the best mattress for your child should be taken seriously, and requires considering their unique needs. Our comprehensive comparison of the best mattresses and brands for kids is here to simplify the process. We aim to help you make your decision an easier and more informed one – ensuring your child wakes up every morning refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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