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Nectar Review

Updated on March 28th, 2023
Jodi King
Reviewed by Jodi King
Dr. Dimitar Marinov
Validated by Dr. Dimitar Marinov - Sleep Specialist

About Nectar

I’m thrilled I got the chance to review the Nectar mattress! It not only really changed my understanding on the importance of a quality mattress, but was also a complete game changer for my sleep. Their mattresses are designed for sleepers of all styles, whether back sleepers, side sleepers, hot sleepers or combination sleepers, and the fact that they offer a 365-night trial makes it less of an overwhelming purchase.

  • 9.5
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    Value for money
  • 9.5
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    Customer Support
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9.2 Overall Score

2 Minutes on Nectar Mattress

Pros & Cons

  • Firm foam with reliable support
  • Temperature control cooling properties
  • Lifetime warranty & 365-night sleep trial
  • Affordable pricing
  • Made overseas
  • Limited variety

Sizes & Pricing

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The Nectar Mattress

  • Mattress type icon
    Mattress Type Foam
  • Mattress price & size icon
    Price $669 - Queen
  • Mattress firmness icon
    Firmness Medium Firm
  • Mattress trial period icon
    Trial 365 nights
  • Mattress warranty icon
    Warranty Lifetime
  • Special feature icon Hot Sleepers
  • Special feature icon Side Sleepers
  • Special feature icon Couples
  • Special feature icon Motion Isolation
  • Special feature icon Edge support

Firmness Level

It didn’t feel too hard on my back, but it also wasn’t overly soft so I didn’t feel like I was going to sink in and fall into it which is never great either, so I would give the Nectar mattress a solid 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. I’d say this was one of the main factors that allowed me to sleep so well with the mattress.


soft_icon Soft
firm_icon Firm

Cooling Properties

Another winning aspect of the Nectar mattress is the quilted cooling cover to help with temperature control throughout the night. These built in cooling properties are ideal for hot sleepers or couples that are sharing the bed space. We are some seriously hot sleepers and i’m not sure how we managed before that.

soft_icon Cool
firm_icon Hot

Pressure Relief

The medium-firm mattresses offer a unique pressure relief to the body, and can handle larger sizes (my husband and I are full grown athletic builds). The memory foam of the Nectar mattress conforms evenly throughout to provide a cushion feeling for the hips and shoulders, as well as to align the spine which makes for less pressure – especially for side sleepers such as myself. I was able to already notice the difference just from one night of trying it out.

soft_icon Low Pressure
firm_icon High Pressure


Nectar mattresses contain premium foam in the transition layer which provides additional responsiveness.  For those that toss and turn (also me), switching sleep positions all night long, the Nectar mattress will adjust itself based on those positions.

soft_icon No Bounce
firm_icon Very Responsive

Motion Isolation

After placing a full glass of water on one side of the mattress and then sitting on the other side of the bed, the water didn’t even spill an ounce – even while bouncing around on the mattress. Obviously I don’t usually just put a glass on water on my bed, but this also means that if my husband is moving around and I’m fast asleep, I won’t feel it. I can continue to happily snooze away, unless he decides to make some kind of circus moves in his sleep, or vice versa. The Nectar mattress gets an 8/10 on the motion transfer test.

soft_icon Low Motion Isolation
firm_icon High Motion Isolation

Edge Support

I was able to scoot all the way to the edge of the bed and still feel completely supported without having to worry about potentially falling down from the mattress, 10/10 on edge support here.

Mattress Materials

Nectar’s top-notch comfort derives from 4 innovative layers. The first layer, like I mentioned before, is the quilted cooling cover, which is custom-milled to suck out all the heat and ensure the circulation of fresh air as the user moves.

It also contains a ‘smart layer’ that further aids in enhancing the breathability, comfort and loft of the mattress, as well as the dynamic support level, offering supportive memory foam which prevented me from sinking into the mattress.

And last but not least is the stable base layer,  a 7-inch foam layer to support all of the above layers of the mattress so they can optimally perform their jobs, that provided my entire body with pure comfort and support.

Nectar's Most Popular Mattresses

Customer Support

Nectar offers phone support during their working hours, but their support team can also be reached instantly through live chat. I will say though that they did take about an hour to respond to me.  If you prefer email, they can also be contacted to their company address.  For any visual assistance, Nectar also has a useful YouTube channel showing videos on everything related to your mattress.

If you’d like to return your mattress for any reason, do note that there is a separate email address for this process (different than the support email). In order to return your mattress, also be sure to note that you will need to provide photos of the mattress. This is not something I tried to do, however.

Phone support icon
Phone Support (888) 863-2827
Chat support icon
Live Chat Available 7 days a week

Customer Support

- Overall Score -
Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon Filled rating star icon
  • Professionalism 9.5
  • Response Time 9.3

User Reviews

Average User Rating

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(25 Reviews)
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Best out of 3!
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Bought a nectar for guest room and I love it! Bought Casper for master room and sent it back. Replaced Casper with a Bear and its okay.... Wish I had but a Nectar in master bedroom as well. I sleep in the guest room most nights now because I wake up rested and without any shoulder and/or neck pain.

Satisfied Purchaser
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I was leery about ordering on line. Researched many other options & so pleased I took a chance on Nectar. I am sleeping much better, actually much longer cause I don't want to get up, now. My dogs are also sleeping later. You know dogs will find the most comfortable place to sleep. Thank you.

Nectar Lush
star star star star star

We were able to try it out in a store before buying. We actually went to try a Dream Cloud, but tested this one out as well. No comparison. We tried the regular Nectar, but found it too soft. This one was a bit pricier, but well worth it. Sleeps cool, but not cold. Perfect firmness. It was shipped directly to us in a short period of time. Absolutely a good experience all around.


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Questions & Answers

Jose Garcia Jr on Feb 18, 2019

After some time does this mattress leave dent mark?

Nectar mattresses are made from high-quality materials, including high-density memory foam, to minimize the risk of forming dents over time. Nectar offers a "Forever Warranty," and if your mattress develops a dent 1.5-inches deep or greater at any time, Nectar will replace your mattress for free.
Vicki Herndon on Feb 19, 2019

I am curious about ordering a mattress online. What if I order, sleep on it for a while, and decide it’s not for me. What happens then??

Most mattresses featured on this website come with very long trial periods and warranties. For example, Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial period so you can see if you like it. If you don't, you can return it for free and for a full refund. Nectar also offers a "Forever Warranty" on their mattresses, so you don't have to worry!
Colleen on Feb 09, 2019

Can this mattress be used on an adjustable base?

Yes, the Nectar mattress can be used on an adjustable base.

Final Word

The firm memory foam mattress is reasonably priced, comes in 6 different sizes, and with the lifetime warranty and the chance to try it out for an entire year, it can be a great mattress option.


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Jodi King

Jodi King has been an interior decorator for many years specializing in bedroom décor and design. She has been researching mattresses and matching the correct mattress for her customers’ needs for years. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to looking for the perfect mattress and is a contributor to Top 5 Mattresses.

Dr. Dimitar Marinov - Sleep Specialist

Dr. Dimitar Marinov is an experienced physician and scientist who has been actively conducting research in the field of sleep hygiene for the last 5 years. He is a chief assistant professor in Hygiene and works at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Thanks to his expertise in sleep hygiene and outstanding research skills, he is a valuable addition to our website as he fact-checks our content and ensures the accuracy of any medical terminology you may encounter. You may learn more about Dr. Marinov and his research via ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and his personal website.

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