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Recommended Mattresses for Heavy People

Are you a heavy person in search of the right mattress for your sleep needs? We share reviews, rankings, and comparisons of some of the best mattresses for heavy people so you can decide with ease.

Last updated: July 2024

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Choosing the Best Mattress for Heavy People

Getting a great night’s sleep is extremely important, especially for those with busy lives. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get the rest they need and often their mattress is one of the main culprits for this. The best mattresses are those that have both great support and pressure relief. The problem with a lot of mattresses is that they’re not built with your specific body in mind. Instead, they are often designed for an assumed “average” body type that can leave those with heavier or lighter builds with a less comfortable experience. Some brands, however, are filling the need gap by creating mattresses with specific weights in mind. These tend to be the best mattresses for heavy people to use. 

Our top picks for July 2024

For heavier people having a mattress that supports you is absolutely crucial, as being overweight can cause a whole array of sleep problems such as sleep apnea or snoring. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious medical condition where breathing becomes irregular as you sleep, repeatedly stopping and starting leading to a night of poor sleep and increasing your risk of abnormal heart rhythms and stroke. Some recent studies also suggest that a lack of proper sleep may lead to increased stress and further weight gain, as inadequate sleep often causes hormone imbalances that have the potential to disrupt your metabolism. In this article, we’ll cover what makes a good mattress for heavy people. 

A thick supportive mattress for heavy people

Mattress Height and Thickness

The thickness of your mattress is very important, not just for support but also for its durability over time. Thinner mattresses tend to break down faster, particularly for heavier people, so you should really be looking at thicker mattresses to buy. For those who weigh more than 200 pounds, the best option is around 12 to 14 inches in height, with 10 inches being the absolute minimum for choosing a comfortable mattress that offers the best support and will last you a long time.


The density of a mattress will also affect the support it gives you, higher densities push the body upwards as you sleep and tend to be better for people with back pain than lower density options. As with the thickness, a higher density mattress will also be more durable than lower density counterparts meaning you will have a longer-lasting mattress, the average lifespan being around 9 or 10 years. It’s important to note that mattresses that are higher density also have less effective temperature control, meaning that you may sometimes feel too hot whilst sleeping in hotter climates.  The best mattress for heavy people will have a density of around 5lb or greater.


Modern mattresses come in a variety of different materials each with their own pros and cons to consider. There are five main types of material to consider:


This is the more traditional mattress style, with steel coils inside the mattress providing a springy and supportive base. The exterior is usually padded for comfort with upholstery, or sometimes foam for extra comfort. Although it can have a lower durability than other material types, innerspring mattresses provide great support and excellent temperature control. The number of coils and also their design in shape or thickness can have a big effect on how supportive the mattress actually is. The best mattress for heavy people would be one with a higher number of coils.

Latex foam

Latex mattresses provide good support whilst being a lot more durable than other options, so you won’t have to replace it as regularly. Natural latex also has good temperature control meaning you will be less likely to get too hot whilst sleeping.

Memory foam

These mattresses are designed to contour to your body and provide pressure relief by compressing and molding to your shape. They tend to not be as good for heavier people. These mattresses can be too soft and end up permanently sagging and not providing enough firm support over time. Mattresses using memory foam are also usually hotter than other ones using other material types. However, there are now some more advanced types of memory foams that have better temperature control.

Adjustable air

A great solution for couples with different sizes and sleep preferences, these mattresses contain internal air chambers that can be filled or deflated to adjust the firmness and support levels of each side.


Hybrid mattresses typically combine the best features of innerspring, latex, and memory foam. At the same time, they minimize the downsides of each material. These can provide excellent support in addition to having good durability and temperature control. They are a good choice for heavier people to use.


Although not part of the mattress itself, a mattress foundation also plays a big role in overall support and comfort. Many companies sell foundations that have been specifically designed to be used alongside their mattress. While some people prefer to put their mattresses on the floor, warranties are often void without the use of a foundation as well.  If you have difficulty getting into and out of bed it might be a good idea to consider getting a lower foundation to set your mattress at a more comfortable height for you to use.

Our top picks for July 2024

Mattress Recommendations

Of course, these factors are not the only things you need to consider when choosing a mattress or the best bed for heavy people. Many mattresses are not designed with heavier people in mind. A lot of mattresses even have weight maximums. You should adhere to these guidelines if you intend to receive the best possible support while you sleep. We aim to help you easily find the best mattresses for heavy people with our top-rated comparisons, taking all the most important factors into account. 

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