Plank Review

flag 120 night sleep trial & 10 year warranty
  • Choose from 11 different sizes

  • Adjust firmness with a flippable design

  • Superior edge support

  • Ideal for those who sleep on their back

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for back sleepers
  • Great edge support
  • Hybrid model sleeps cool
  • Adjustable firmness (firm or extra-firm)
  • Not suitable for side sleepers
  • Cooling topper sold separately

Sizes & Pricing

Plank produces two mattresses, the Plank and the Plank Luxe Hybrid, both of which are exceptionally firm. The Plank is the firmest all-foam mattress in the market, and the Luxe Hybrid is similarly the most firm hybrid bed available.

Both models are ‘flippable’ with firm and extra-firm sides and the option to add a cooling topper (for a fee). Each mattress also comes with a 120-nights free trial, slightly longer than the standard 101 nights, and a 10-year warranty – the industry standard.

Fortunately, the 120-nights free trial gives you time to ensure your Plank mattress is right for your needs before committing to it long-term.

Twin XL
Cal King


Plank is the daughter company of Brooklyn Bedding, a leading American sleep brand that specializes in producing high-quality mattresses with patented technology. The family-owned mattress retailer was founded in 1995 and has since won numerous awards for its beds.


  • "Price"
    7 /10
  • "Comfort"
    7 /10
  • " Body Support"
    9 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    9 /10


The Plank and Plank Luxe Hybrid share similar materials, but their construction is quite different. Here’s a quick breakdown of their construction from top to bottom.

The Plank [Extra-firm side from top to bottom]

Quilted Top Layer

The extra-firm side has a 0.75-inch flat, quilted top layer, offering extra-firm support.

Base Layer

This seven-inch high-density foam layer forms the body and gives your mattress the durability needed to last for years.

Comfort Layer

This two-inch comfort layer is made from Plank’s trademarked high-density polyfoam, TitanFlex.

Quilted Bottom Layer

The quilted bottom layer has the same material as the top layer, but the former is 1.5-inches thick. And if you flip the mattress, this side becomes the firm side’s top layer.

The Plank Luxe Hybrid

The Plank Luxe Hybrid’s construction is similar to the Plank’s, with two important distinctions:

  • The hybrid has a six-inch middle layer of individually wrapped TitanCaliber coils.
  • The hybrid has two high-density foam layers, each two inches thick, surrounding the innerspring layer.

The Plank Luxe Hybrid’s extra-firm side’s construction, from top to bottom, is:

  • 0.75-inch quilted top layer
  • 2-inch high-density support foam
  • 6-inch TitanCaliber coils layer
  • 2-inch high-density support foam
  • 1-inch TitanFlex comfort foam
  • 1.5-inch quilted bottom

And just as with the Plank, you can flip the Plank Luxe Hybrid over to get the firm side.

Mattress Cover

Both models have a breathable quilted top cover with continuous stitching. The cover is non-removable, so you’ll need to spot-clean any stains or spills.

Alternatively, if you prefer a cooler mattress, you can buy Plank’s cooling cover – which Plank describes as “A PCM surface infusion of TitanCool.”

Firmness, Feel & Support

The Plank and Plank Luxe Hybrid are both exceptionally firm mattresses; it’s what they were designed to be. However, the Luxe Hybrid is noticeably softer than the all-foam Plank.

On the firmness scale, with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm, our ratings are:

  • 8 for the Plank’s firm side and 9 for its extra-firm side.
  • 7.5 for the Plank Luxe Hybrid’s firm side and 8.5 for its extra-firm side.

Because of how firm the beds are, we don’t recommend them for side-sleepers. This is because your hips and shoulders won’t sink in, so you’ll be deprived of much-needed pressure relief.

In general, Plank’s mattresses are best for back and front sleepers. Back sleepers will probably prefer the firm side, while front sleepers may find the extra-firm end more comforting.

Both models have minimal sinkage and excellent edge support. Most all-foam mattresses don’t have great edge support, so this quality gives the Plank an edge.

The Plank mattress minimizes motion transfer, making it a good choice for couples, although it has little-to-no bounce. The Plank Luxe Hybrid reduces motion transfer too, but not as effectively as the Plank, and the hybrid bed offers reasonable bounce.

Purchase & Delivery Process

You can purchase Plank’s mattresses and accessories directly from their website, or alternatively from Amazon. The sleep brand offers free shipping in the U.S., with the exceptions of Hawaii and Alaska – the shipping fees to these locations starts at $125/mattress.

Plank also ships their mattresses to Canada via FedEx International Shipping, but the shipping fees are hefty – starting at $250 for a single mattress. Each Plank mattress comes with a 120-nights trial and a 10-year warranty.

However, if you want to return your bed within the trial period, the brand requests that you try the mattress out for at least 30-days.

Plank offers financing options, which you can avail at checkout. They also offer regular discounts to military personnel, first responders, educators, students, and medical providers.

Customer support

Plank offers both direct and self-service customer support options. Their hours for support are 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 7 a.m. -5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.

  • Phone Support
    Yes. 1.888.210.8751
  • Live Online Chat
    Yes, via their website.
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Blog

Final Word

Since side sleepers are the most common type of sleeper, many mattress brands zero in on their needs. Plank is quite different here – the brand’s mattresses exclusively cater to back and front sleepers; and their exceptional firmness makes them a complete deal-breaker for side sleepers.

So if you’re in the market for an especially firm, supportive mattress, then Plank’s beds are a great choice. We recommend the Luxe Hybrid if:

1. You’re not quite sold on the Plank’s superior firmness

2. You sleep hot

3. You like a bit of bounce

In contrast, you’re better off with the all-foam Plank mattress if:

1. Motion isolation is important to you

2. Bouncy mattresses aren’t your thing

3. You want the firmest mattress money can buy

Both models have great edge support, and you have the option to equip either with a $200 cooling topper. If you sleep exceptionally hot, the topper is a good choice.

Overall, Plank’s mattresses are designed to meet specific sleep needs, and the brand’s parent company, Brooklyn Bedding, is known for its reliability and helpful customer service.

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