Leesa Mattress Review

flag Minimal motion transfer, great for couples
  • Free delivery + 100 night trial included

  • Suitable for all types of budgets

  • Donates 1 mattress for every 10 sold

  • Adapts to all body types and positions

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible financing plans make purchasing easy for everyone
  • Try before you buy at multiple locations
  • Superior pressure relief, especially for side sleepers
  • Accommodating and accessible customer support
  • Incorporates recycled materials
  • Donates mattresses to children in need with your purchase
  • Light weight means the mattress is more liable to move around in its frame
  • Off-gassing may linger for up to a few weeks

Sizes & Pricing

Leesa mattresses come in four varieties: the Leesa signature multilayer foam mattress, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, the luxurious Leesa Legend, and Studio by Leesa. This last mattress comes with responsive memory foam, pressure-relieving support, and provides outstanding value.

The Leesa is available in six sizes starting at $699 for a twin, with payment plans for as low as $30 per month. The Leesa Hybrid is also available in six sizes starting at $999 for a twin, with payment plans from $55 per month. You can choose a payment plan of up to 12 months at 0% APR by selecting “Pay with Affirm” at checkout. The Legend is available in four sizes, starting with the twin XL which costs $1,699. Finally, Studio by Leesa comes in six sizes and starts at just $599 for a twin.

Leesa mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial, with free returns for customers in the continental US. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska are subject to a $100 return fee. Those who choose to return their mattress during the trial period are guaranteed their money back.

Customers should note that the mattress models vary slightly in dimension. Consult the dimensions and pricing of each model below.

The Leesa

Twin: The twin-sized mattress measures 39” x 75” x 10” and costs $799.

Twin XL: The twin XL-sized mattress measures 39” x 80” x 10” and costs $849.

Full: The full-sized mattress measures 53” x 80” x 10” and costs $999.

Queen: the queen-sized mattress measure 60” x 80” x 10” and costs $1099.

King: The king-sized mattress measures 76” x 80” x 10” and costs $1,299.

Cal King: The cal king-sized mattress measures 72” x 84” x 10” and costs $1,299.

The Leesa Hybrid

Twin: The twin-sized hybrid mattress measures 38” x 75” x 11” and costs $1099.

Twin XL: The twin XL-sized hybrid mattress measures 38” x 80” x 11” and costs $1199.

Full: the full-sized hybrid mattress measures 53” x 75” x 11” and costs $1,499.

Queen: The queen-sized hybrids mattress measures 60” x 80” x 11” and costs $1,799.

King: The king-sized hybrid mattress measures 76” x 80” x 11” and costs $1,999.

Cal King: The cal king-sized hybrid mattress measures 72” x 84” x 11” and costs $1,999.

Leesa Legend

Twin XL: The Legend twin XL usually costs $1,799 and measures 38 x 80 x 12″.

Full: The Legend full size usually costs $2099 and measures 53 x 75 x 12″.

Queen: The queen is usually $2,299 and measures 60 x 80 x 12″.

King: The king is usually $2,599 and measures 76 x 80 x 12″.

Cal King: The cal king usually costs $2,599 and measures 72 x 84 x 12″.

Studio by Leesa

Twin: The Studio twin usually costs $499 and measures 39″ x 75″ x 10″.

Twin XL: The Studio twin XL usually costs $549 and measures 39″ x 80″ x 10″.

Full: The Studio full size usually costs $599 and measures 53″ x 75″ x 10″.

Queen: The queen is usually $699 and measures 60″ x 80″ x 10″.

King: The king is usually $899 and measures 76″ x 80″ x 10″.

Cal King: The cal king usually costs $899 and measures 72″ x 84″ x 10″.

Twin XL
Cal King
Hybrid Queen
Hybrid Twin
Hybrid Twin XL
Hybrid Full
Hybrid King
Hybrid Cal King
Legend Twin XL
Legend Full
Legend Queen
Legend King
Legend Cal King


Since Leesa’s inception in 2014, the Virginia Beach company has earned a formidable reputation among bed-in-a-box brands. They offer four different models of mattresses designed with proprietary foam blends, delivered straight to your door. Their mattresses come at a range of price points, from the most affordable to the most luxurious. Their medium-firm mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers and optimized for pressure relief.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Comfort"
    8.5 /10
  • "Body Support"
    10 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    9 /10


The Leesa mattress is a three-layer foam mattress optimized for enhanced cooling, pressure relief, and limited motion transfer. The top layer is 2” of Leesa proprietary LSA200™ foam, designed to regulate temperature so that sleepers stay cool. It also allows for a gentle hugging body contour and a slight bounce. The second layer is 2” of memory foam to relieve pressure, especially for side sleepers who are prone to the “dead arm” sensation. The final layer is 6” of dense core foam providing a strong and sturdy base.

The Leesa Hybrid is a five-layer foam and coil mattress separated into three sections. The top section is 1.5” of premium cooling foam to regulate body temperature throughout the night. The second section is 1.5” of body-contouring memory foam for pressure relief. The final section is the 6” pocket spring system – 1,000+ individually-wrapped pocket springs between two 1” core support foam layers. The 14.5 gauge coils are designed for enhanced edge support for all body types.

The Leesa Legend is Leesa’s luxury mattress model. It is 12″ in height, taller than both the Original and the Hybrid. It is a hybrid mattress but with more advanced pressure-relieving technology than Leesa’s other hybrid model, as it comes with a targeted relief dual hybrid layer. While it has all of the cooling technology of the Hybrid, it also has the addition of merino wool which wicks moisture and heat away from you so you can sleep cooler. One mattress is donated to a needy child for every one Legend sold. Furthermore, its construction includes recycled plastic bottles (a queen size uses 60 recycled bottles), so you can feel good about buying a Leesa Legend mattress.

The Studio by Leesa mattress is made up of three foam layers. The top layer is responsive to your body so that it cradles you when you lie upon it. It’s also made of more breathable memory foam to prevent overheating. The middle foam layer is designed for pressure relief, whereas the base memory foam layer is intended to provide support and durability.

Leesa mattresses are CertiPUR-US®-certified, meaning that the foam is free of harmful chemicals.

leesa hybrid

Mattress Cover

Both Leesa Original and Hybrid mattresses come with a signature four-stripe quilted mattress cover that can be unzipped and removed. The Studio by Leesa has the same type of mattress cover however in a heather blue and white striped pattern.

Mattress covers are made of a polyester/viscose/lycra blend that features fire-retardant properties. These materials dampen flames and reduce them to char, preventing flames from reaching the foam. For extra protection and to extend the lifespan of your mattress, you can purchase a Leesa waterproof mattress protector.

The Leesa Legend mattress has a different cover, made of a combination of organic cotton and merino wool. It is also hypoallergenic.

Firmness, Feel & Support

The Leesa mattress’s pressure relieving memory foam and dense foam support make it suitable for stomach, back, and side sleepers. It has a medium-firm feel with an average sinkage of 2” to 2.5” and very limited motion transfer.

The Leesa Hybrid is a bit firmer than the Leesa, with increased support all the way to the edge. It has an average sinkage of 1.5” to 2” and practically no motion transfer at all. Those looking for a highly supportive mattress that will help pinpoint and relieve aches and pains should choose this mattress.

The Leesa Legend is the softest of the three, however, it still is a bit firmer than medium. It probably falls between 5.5 to 6 on a firmness scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest. The microcoils provide great edge support in the Legend mattress.

Finally, the Studio by Leesa mattress is medium-firm, around a 5-7 on the 1-10 firmness scale. It’s good for all types of sleeping positions, particularly side sleeping.

Purchase & Delivery Process

Unlike with most other bed-in-a-box brands, customers have the opportunity to try out mattresses in-store before purchasing. You can even purchase Leesa mattresses and accessories at over 100 West Elm locations across the United States. Leesa is also available at select Pottery Barn locations and both of Leesa’s storefronts in SoHo, NYC, and Virginia Beach.

When you try a Leesa mattress in-store, you have the option to purchase a mattress and take it home immediately. Otherwise, you can make the purchase online. Select the size and model and add it to your cart. At checkout, customers have the option of paying with credit or debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay. If you would like a financing plan, select “Pay with Affirm.” If you qualify, you can choose between a 6, 12, and 18-month payment plan.

Shipping is free for all purchases and takes two to eight business days to arrive at your door. For an additional fee, customers can select white glove delivery. Purchases also come with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year limited warranty. To qualify for a full refund, you must try the mattress for at least 30 nights. If you are unsatisfied with your Leesa mattress after that time, contact customer support. They will help you get your money back and arrange free pick up for customers in the continental US. As previously noted, customers in Alaska and Hawaii are subject to a $100 return fee.

Adjustable Beds

Leesa’s adjustable base is sleeker than others and might appeal to those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. It features a wireless remote control that allows you to raise the head for lounging or the feet for deep relaxation. Partners can get customized full-body adjustment with the optional Split King setup (2 Twin XL). The Leesa adjustable base also comes with under-bed lighting and is designed to accommodate a Leesa foam or hybrid mattress.

Each purchase of an adjustable base comes with a 30-night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns, and 1-year, 3-year, and 25-year limited warranties. Customers can choose optional in-home delivery and setup for a fee. The Leesa Adjustable Base is available in four sizes. Note that the King and the Cal King ship as 2 separate packages.

Adjustable Bed Prices:

  • The Twin XL measures 39” x 80” and costs $1,249.
  • The Queen measures 60” x 80” and costs $1,299.
  • The King measures 76” x 80” and costs $2,299.
  • The Cal King measures 72” x 84” and costs $2,299.

Mattress Toppers

Add a little Leesa-style luxury to any mattress with the Leesa Mattress Topper. This topper uses a high-quality foam to add some additional support to your mattress. It is completely breathable and can also be removed and machine washed.  In fact, the Leesa Mattress Topper uses the same cover as the premium Leesa mattress.

Available in 6 sizes, with a 2.5lb foam density, this quality topper is made in the United States and ships free of charge, with delivery promised in fewer than 8 days. Financing is available via Affirm and there is a 30-day returns policy if you have an issue with the product. Prices range from $199 to $359.

Customer support

An attentive customer support team is available to Leesa customers every day of the week. Customers can contact support agents online via live chat or email, or over the phone during business hours. The Leesa website also features many helpful resources for Leesa customers, including a FAQ section, a blog, and video tutorials on the Leesa Sleep YouTube channel.

  • Phone Support
    Customers can contact Leesa support agents by calling the toll-free number during business hours: Mon-Fri, 9 am to 9 pm and weekends from 11 am to 6 om EST.
  • Live Online Chat
    You can contact support agents via live chat on the Leesa website during business hours.
  • Email
    Customers may send their questions and comments directly to the Leesa support team via email.
  • Video Tutorials
    The Leesa Sleep channel on YouTube provides video tutorials for setting up Leesa mattresses and accessories.
  • FAQ
    You can find an extensive and informative FAQ section on the Leesa website.
  • Blog
    Customers will find industry news and sleep and mattress information under the “Resources” tab on the Leesa website.

Final Word

Leesa mattresses are a good choice for those who value a firm, supportive mattress and seek relief from chronic pain. Both the Leesa original and the Leesa Hybrid mattress offer top of the line pressure relief and balanced body contouring. Leesa is an attractive choice for those who are hesitant to purchase their mattress online. With testing locations all across the county, customers can make sure Leesa mattress is right for them before purchasing. Choose Leesa if you are looking for a truly unique mattress at a moderate price.

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Questions & Answers

Pamela Kline

How long does the smell of the mattress last?

The smell should fade within a few days.

Can you ship the Leesa mattress internationally?

Yes, in addition to the US, Leesa ships to Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Where is the Leesa mattress made?

The Leesa mattress, as well as foundations and pillows, are made in the US.
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