Puffy VS Purple Mattress Comparison

Asya Fatima Abdulwajid

May 25 2021

Puffy and Purple are both American mattress-in-a-box brands that have been producing high-end sleep solutions for years now. While Puffy entered the market in 2016, Purple has an extra year under its belt, having started its operations in 2015.

At a glance, both brand’s mattresses seem to offer similar sleep experiences, with promises of pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature regulation. However, the quality of sleep you’ll receive with either mattress depends significantly on what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep hot? Are you a light sleeper? Do you prefer sleeping on your side, front, or back? The answers to these questions, among others, collectively determine which of the Puffy VS Purple mattress will best suit your needs.

In this Purple VS Puffy comparison, we’ll explore the key differences between the two brands’ flagship models, their support options, and who each mattress is best for. Before we get to the key differences, though, let’s check what’s common to the two.

Puffy and Purple Mattress Similarities

Puffy VS Purple Common Ground – Sizes & Pricing

Despite their many differences, Puffy and Purple offer their flagship models at similar rates, in mostly the same sizes. Both brands provide their mattresses in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, King, and Cal King sizes, with Purple additionally offering a Split King size.

Where prices are concerned, Purple’s Twin is noticeable cheaper, costing just $599, compared to the $799 that the Puffy Twin costs. However, the price difference between their Queen sizes is just $50, and the remaining sizes have similarly slight price variations.

On the whole, Purple and Puffy both deliver high-end, luxury mattresses at a fraction of what traditional luxury sleep solutions cost. The brands are able to offer these low rates by providing direct-to-consumer services, cutting out expensive middlemen in the process. Despite the pricing and size similarities, the Purple and Puffy mattresses have some key differences. This brings us to…

Puffy and Purple Mattress Differences

Purple Vs Puffy Design – The Construction

The Purple and Puffy mattresses differ in their feel, comfort, support, and temperature properties. The core reason for this lies in their construction.

The flagship Puffy mattress, known as the Puffy, is an all-foam bed that boasts the brand’s unique “DeepSleep” technology. It totals three layers (or four if you count the cover), including a polyurethane firm core layer, a breathable ClimateComfort memory foam middle layer, and the top Cooling Cloud Foam layer comprised of gel-infused polyurethane foam. The cooling technology of the top and middle layer make the Puffy sleep much cooler than traditional memory foam beds.

Puffy mattress
source: puffy.com

Like the Puffy mattress, the flagship Purple bed’s core and comfort layers are foam-based, but the similarity ends here. The Purple’s middle layer is not memory foam – the center is comprised of Purple’s unique Comfort Poly Foam, which is more breathable and supportive than memory foam. Also, the stark difference comes from the Purple’s top layer – which is 2-inches of the brand’s specially-engineered hyper-elastic polymer, which is highly breathable and responsive.

So, how do these key differences translate into your sleeping experience? Well, let’s see.

Puffy VS Purple Temperature Regulation – Which Sleeps Cooler?

Memory foam sleeps hot. It traps warm air and discourages circulation. Puffy uses advanced temperature regulating technology to combat this, including cooling gel infusions in the top layer and a more breathable foam comfort layer. While this does make the Puffy sleep cooler than conventional foam mattresses, the Purple is much cooler still.

The Purple’s hyper-elastic top layer is exceptionally breathable, encouraging effortless circulation and wicking away heat. So if you’re prone to sleeping hot, then the Purple mattress wins out.

Puffy VS Purple Support – Which Offers Superior Comfort?

Optimal comfort levels come from a careful balance of body support and point-pressure relief. A comfortable mattress should support your hips, shoulders, and back while offering pressure relief. The comfort level a sleeper experiences with a mattress depends significantly on their sleeping position and weight.

Where sleeping positions are concerned, side-sleepers are the most common type of sleeper. Side-sleepers typically require less support than back and front sleepers, and front sleepers generally need the most.

Purple mattress
source: purple.com

The Puffy is a memory foam mattress, making it supportive enough for side-sleepers and most back sleepers, but front sleepers may not take well to it. The Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer is exceptionally responsive and adapts well to meet the needs of side, back, and front sleepers.

One key factor that makes sleepers prefer the Puffy over the Purple is their body weight. Generally, lightweight sleepers may like the Puffy more because they are not heavy enough to “activate” the Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer’s responsive properties. Consequently, lightweight users may not find the Purple supportive enough, whereas Puffy’s memory foam layer promises them comfort.

While the Puffy mattress is technically “medium-firm”, many users have noted that the mattress is softer and plusher than expected. This makes it a perfect choice for lightweight sleepers, as sleeping on the Puffy feels akin to floating on a cloud for such users.  However, since two-thirds of Americans fall under the overweight or obese category, the Purple is still well-suited for the majority of US sleepers.

Puffy VS Purple Edge Support – Will You Roll Off The Bed?

Edge support is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a mattress. Without the right amount, sleepers are at risk of rolling off their bed during sleep. Plus, if the mattress lacks edge support, comfortably sleeping near the perimeter or even sitting near the edge is not an option.

How do sleep brands resolve this problem? Well, there are three ways: with reinforced edges, or motion isolating properties, or both. Initially, the Puffy and Purple mattresses both received complaints from sleepers about insufficient edge support. The two brands promptly rolled out some improvements.

Puffy offers users superior edge support with motion isolation and a bounce as you reach the perimeter, preventing you from sinking and rolling off. Purple took a similar approach to enhance its edge support, by surrounding the edges with dense foam that provides enhanced support. We consider Purple’s edge support marginally better than Puffy’s, although the latter’s doesn’t disappoint either. If you or your partner are prone to sleeping near the edge, though, then the Purple mattress may be better suited.

Purple VS Puffy – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

Both Purple and Puffy offer similar sleep trials – you get 100 nights with the Purple, and 101 with the Puffy. What’s the significance of the extra day? Maybe Puffy chose it because one-o-one sounds better than a hundred; who knows. Puffy’s trial comes with a 14-day minimum requirement, i.e. sleepers must try the Puffy mattress out for fourteen days before requesting a return.

puffy mattress sale
source: puffy.com

Purple offers users an industry-standard warranty of 10 years, whereas Puffy’s guarantee extends for a lifetime. Both brands provide free shipping in the US, although Purple has a fair bit more to offer as well. Purple offers users free old mattress removals, and in-house installation for their new mattress – two services that Puffy does not offer. To top things off, Purple lets you try their beds out in-store in your state, which is supremely rare for mattress-in-a-box brands.

Both Purple and Puffy facilitate free returns during their trial period, but users generally find Purple’s return process more hassle-free. While true to their promise of free returns, Puffy may occasionally take longer to facilitate the return.

Customer Support

Purple received an award for number 1 customer satisfaction two years in a row in recognition of their customer care, support, price value, comfort, and warranty. The brand offers round-the-clock support through multiple communication channels, including a dedicated live chat, phone support via hotline, email, and a rich knowledge base including video tutorials (on YouTube), an FAQ section, and even a blog. Puffy offers similar support options, with a more constrained phone support schedule and less helpful video content.

Purple has made a name for itself in customer care not solely because of the variety of support options, but thanks to the quality of care they offer. Purple’s support content, including its video tutorials and blog, is very helpful to users. Moreover, their support staff is highly responsive and dedicated to resolving customer queries. While Puffy’s support is indeed commendable, Purple pulls ahead significantly.

Puffy Vs Purple – Which is Right For You?

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons for each mattress, let’s tally things up. The Purple mattress offers:

  • Superior cooling technology.
  • More support for front and heavy sleepers.
  • Better customer care.
  • Superior edge support.

This makes Purple best for:

  • Couples looking for more supportive options.
  • Users that sleep hot.
  • Heavier sleepers, and front sleepers.
  • Sleepers that prefer industry-leading customer care.
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Meanwhile, the Puffy mattress offers:

  • Superior motion isolation.
  • Greater support for lightweight sleepers.
  • A lifetime warranty.

Making Puffy ideal for:

  • Couples that toss and turn a lot.
  • Lightweight sleepers.
  • Users looking to secure their long-term investment.
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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Purple and Puffy are both exceptional brands that provide quality sleep solutions at affordable rates. The two offer impressive customer care, free delivery, and free returns. The flagship models we reviewed are widely enjoyed by sleepers. However, for users looking for more supportive and durable options, the brands have some promising hybrid models available at a higher price point that may interest you. You can check out the reviews for each brand on our website to learn more about what they offer.

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