Which Mattress is Best for your Sleep Style?

Risi adler
Risi Adler

Oct 14 2018

There is so much to consider when shopping for the perfect mattress. We all know the old fairy tale story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One bed was too soft, one was too hard, and one was just right. But, did you know that one of the most important factors to consider when choosing which mattress is best for you is your sleep position?

Everyone sleeps in different positions. We each have that go-to position when we climb into bed. Some of the most common sleep styles include back, side, fetal, stomach, or a combination of all of the above. There may not be a best sleeping position, but there certainly is a best mattress for your sleeping position. The question of how to choose a mattress is always tough, but adding sleep positions into the equation can make things even more confusing.

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Find your sleep position below, and discover which mattress is best for you.

best mattress for side sleepers

Best mattress for side sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper then you are in luck. Due to the fact that side sleep is the most common sleep position, many mattress manufacturers keep you in mind when designing their products. In addition, side sleepers are less likely to snore. This position also elongates your spine, reducing the occurrence of lower back pain. Sleeping on your side has a whole array of health benefits such as the reduction of acid reflux. However, if you are not careful with your choice of mattress, side sleeping can cause neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, it is important to keep certain things in minds when choosing the best mattress for side sleepers.

Traditional spring mattresses are not great for side sleepers. They can press on pressure points, causing joint pain, and side sleepers need to relieve pressure from their shoulders and hips. Softer, innerspring mattresses such as the Saatva are recommended for side sleepers, as they alleviate pressure but keep the spine aligned.

Best mattress for back sleepersbest mattress for back sleepers

Although fairly uncommon, sleeping on one’s back is a very healthy position, and is often considered to be the best sleep position. It enables the natural alignment of the neck, spine, and pelvis, which can minimize aches, pains, and pressure points throughout the body. Sleep apnea can be exacerbated with back sleep, and so thicker, more supportive pillows are recommended in order to reduce snoring. Back sleeping does create a gap between your lower back and the mattress which needs to be supported. Somewhat softer mattresses with a comfort layer of approximately two inches are recommended as supportive enough for back sleep and will reduce the risk of pressure and pain. Back sleepers should consider mattresses like the DreamCloud, whose one year warranty will allow you to be sure that this mattress is perfect for you.

best mattress for your sleeping positionWhich mattress is best for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least advisable sleep position. The only benefit it may have is reduced snoring. Due to the nature of this position, stomach sleepers must turn their heads in order to breathe. This can cause significant strain on the neck and shoulders. If you are using a pillow, your back will also be slightly bent backward, causing pressure, and often pain, in that area. Which mattress is best for stomach sleepers is obvious. They do not have gaps that need supporting like other positions, and so do not need soft, thick comfort layers. Stomach sleepers do best with firmer mattresses, which will discourage unnatural curves of the back.

Best mattress for fetal sleeping positionfetal sleeping position

The fetal sleeping position is similar to side sleeping, but your legs are bent and your chest is curled down towards your knees. This position can cause even more pressure than normal side sleeping, and pressure relief is extremely important. Repeated strain on your shoulders and hips can cause long-term pain, and when sleeping in the fetal position, gaps are formed between you and your mattress. The best mattress for the fetal sleeping position is one that is soft enough to form a supportive cradle to fill these gaps, relieving shoulder and hip pressure. Fetal sleepers should look for mattresses with a comfort layer that is at least three inches thick.

best mattress for combination sleepers

Best mattress for combination sleepers

Combination sleepers are people who switch between stomach, back, and side on a nightly basis. A large number of people sleep this way, some of whom prefer one position, while others can be constantly moving. This is considered very healthy, especially for those with poor circulation, as constantly moving increases blood flow throughout your sleep cycle. Combination sleepers are some of the hardest people to please, as the mattress needs to be suitable for a variety of positions.

A combination sleeper needs a mattress that will be comfortable no matter what position he or she is in. It could be a good idea to consider what position you adopt during your deepest sleep. If you mainly sleep on your back and side, a thick comfort layer around 3″ would be good for you. If you spend time on your stomach, though, a three-inch comfort layer will leave you waking up very sore. Combination sleepers do best with mattresses right in between, not too firm, and not too soft.

How do you choose which mattress is best if you and your partner have different sleep positions? You may like a firm mattress, while your partner may like soft. You may be a stomach sleeper, while they are a fetal sleeper. Couples who don’t sleep in the same position as one another are recommended to get a mattress suitable for combination sleepers. The Nectar claims to be “just right” between firm and soft, and is recommended for all positions.

So, which mattress is best for you?

Sleeping position is among the most important things to consider when buying a mattress. The right mattress for your sleep position will fill the natural gaps between you and the mattress, will gently hold your joints so as to prevent soreness, and will promise you the perfect night’s sleep.


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