Should You Buy a Helix VS Nectar Mattress?

Jenny Weller

Aug 22 2022

The general advice is to change your mattress every eight years or so. But this is a guideline and not a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that buying a mattress is an expensive investment. Two brands you may have come across in your research are Helix and Nectar.

Helix is well-known for its customizable and specialized mattress models, while Nectar is popular for its 365-sleep trial and forever warranty. Both companies produce compatible and affordable mattresses. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference, size, and sleeping position.

The brands offer more than one mattress model. Helix has the Helix Luxe and Plus models, while Nectar has the Nectar Premier and The Nectar Lush mattress models. But this article will compare the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress and the Helix Midnight Mattress. Both come with impressive features. But should you buy a Helix VS Nectar mattress? Let’s dive in.

Helix VS Nectar

Helix VS Nectar: Mattress Design and Construction

The Nectar and Helix Midnight utilize different approaches to design and construction, but both have a medium feel that sits at 5/10 on the firmness scale.

Helix Midnight

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid featuring foam and coil layers, while the Nectar is an all-foam mattress. The Helix Midnight has a breathable knit fabric cover topped with Memory Plus Foam that helps cushion your pressure joints. A high-grade polyfoam transition layer follows that helps ease your body weight into the next supportive pocket coils layer. The mattress rests on a base layer of a high-density mattress.

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Nectar Memory Foam

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress comes with a plush quilted memory foam cover topped with a cooling polyethylene knit blend. The comfort layer is a gel-infused memory foam that distributes your weight and provides pressure relief. The mattress base uses high-density support foam to prevent sagging and sinking while sleeping.

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Firmness and Feel: Choosing Between Nectar VS Helix

When buying a new mattress, firmness is an important factor to consider. Depending on how you sleep, the firmness level can support or move against your natural positioning.

Nectar: Medium-Firm Mattress

The mattress has a traditional memory foam feel with a medium-firm on the firmness scale. The mattress provides a comfy compromise between supportive and pressure relief, making it versatile.

With three layers of memory foam, it has the typical dense memory foam feel you get with traditional memory foam. The mattress conforms to your body when you lie down. But here is the thing; the memory foam feel is usually different from other similar mattresses. When you lie on it, the mattress feels firm at first, and you don’t sink in immediately. Therefore, there won’t be that stuck-in-the-middle feeling you sometimes get. The mattress responds to touch and returns to its original state when you remove the weight.

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Helix: Responsive Mattress

The Helix Midnight has a neutral foam feel, so it falls between the feeling of memory foam and latex foam. The mattress is soft and comfortable, just like memory foam. However, it is much more responsive and resembles latex foam to some degree. Overall, the mattress is comfortable and perfect for any sleeper. When it comes to firmness, the Helix Midnight falls somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale since the bed balances comfort and firm support.

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Helix VS Nectar: Performance Differences

Next, we look at Nectar VS Helix performance aspects like motion isolation, edge support, temperature regulation, and sleeper type analysis.

Low Motion Transfer Technology

If you’ve ever slept on a bad mattress, you will know how poor motion isolation feels. This is where you can feel your partner’s every movement when they toss and turn next to you. It’s annoying and, honestly, frustrating. Luckily, most premium mattress manufacturers have found the solution to this problem.

Nectar mattresses use memory cells to absorb motion and lower motion transfer while sleeping. This ensures that it doesn’t cross the surface so that you can sleep soundly. The Helix Midnight has individually pocketed coils that anchor motion to the spot. Both beds are great in this regard, but Nectar is the slight winner.

Outer Edge Support

If you share sleeping space or toss a lot in your sleep, edge support is an important feature to consider. By using strong edges to maximize the surface area of a mattress, you have more room to sleep. Usually, a weak perimeter on a mattress can make the sides unsupportive and therefore uncomfortable.

The Helix Midnight is reinforced with a perimeter coil system giving it the upper hand. The Nectar mattress, however, doesn’t fall behind, especially for an all-foam mattress. Sitting on the edges of both mattresses feels comfortable, although there may be more compression when sitting on the Nectar than the Helix.

Temperature Regulation

In terms of hot or cool sleeping, the Nectar mattress is neutral. It doesn’t retain heat as many memory foam mattresses do, but it does not actively cool you down. Because of that, the mattress might not be ideal for couples who sleep hot. When you feel too hot, it’s more difficult to get to sleep.

Like all Helix models, the Helix Midnight comes with a breathable cover and a more hybrid design, increasing airflow that keeps the mattress cool. You can therefore sleep on the mattress without getting too hot.

Sleeper Type Analysis

The Helix Midnight offers a responsive experience that cradles the sleeper’s curves. It’s a better option for transitioning sleepers because of the latex-like materials and individually wrapped coils.

The Nectar mattress is a good choice since the memory foam is firm under pressure giving sleepers a good surface to push off. Both brands will work well for sleepers with different body and weight considerations.

Helix VS Nectar: Trial Times and Warranty Length

Nectar 365-Day Trial and Forever Warranty

Nectar stands out with its company policies. While they offer free shipping and returns like most companies, they shine in the trial period and warranty. Nectar offers a 365-day sleep trial and a forever warranty.

Helix 100-Night Sleep Trial

Helix has a 100-night sleep trial to test your mattress. If you don’t like it within those 100 nights, contact customer support, who will initiate the return process. The Helix mattress has a 10-year warranty. Both companies offer free shipping and returns. With Nectar, you can add White Glove Service for $149 if you want someone to set up the mattress for you.

Helix VS Nectar

Price Breakdown

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Price is an important factor to consider when buying a mattress. The good news is that both Helix and Nectar mattresses are affordable. The Nectar mattress is around $100 to $200 cheaper than the industry average. Nectar also throws in two free pillows with your new mattress.

The price breakdown for Nectar is as follows:

  • Twin – $399
  • Twin XL – $569
  • Full – $699
  • Queen – $799
  • King – $1099
  • Cal King – $1099
  • Split King – $1138
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The Helix Midnight Mattress

Here’s the price breakdown of The Helix Midnight mattress:

  • Twin – $799
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1049
  • Queen – $1199
  • King – $1549
  • Cal King – $1549

Like most bed-in-a-box companies, Helix is very aggressive in its sales and discounts, whereby you can expect discounts of up to $100 to $200. This means that a queen size can even drop to $900 around holidays like Black Friday or Memorial Day sales.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best Mattress?

There are areas where the Nectar mattress stands out from the Helix mattress and vice versa. To help you narrow down your choice, think about the following questions:

  • Do you want a customized mattress?Helix has many models that offer a sleep quiz to match you with the right mattress.
  • Do you treasure memory foam?Nectar is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses on the market.
  • Do you want a longer trial period and warranty?Nectar goes above and beyond in this with its 365-day sleep trial and forever warranty.

Both mattresses are affordable and have great features for all sleepers. A lot of thinking and design goes into creating a comfortable mattress for a great night’s sleep. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the differences between Helix VS Nectar mattresses to help you on your buying journey.

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