DreamCloud VS Helix Mattress Comparison

Jenny Weller

Aug 22 2022

Mattress brands Helix and DreamCloud offer a variety of mattress models to tailor your mattress choice to the smallest detail. Whether you’re in the market for a mattress that fits your sleeping position or simply looking for comfort, DreamCloud and Helix have a mattress for everyone.

While DreamCloud excels in the sleep trial period category, Helix stands out in motion isolation, so which is the better brand: DreamCloud VS Helix?

Although both companies have several models, in this article, we compare the signature DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress and the popular Helix Midnight mattress to help you find the right choice.

DreamCloud VS Helix

DreamCloud VS Helix: Key Similarities

Before we examine how the two mattresses differ, let’s find out what they have in common.

  • Construction– The Helix Midnight and DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid feature foam layers and innerspring coils, guaranteeing a stable and comfortable sleep experience.
  • Sleeping positions– Both mattresses accommodate all kinds of sleepers, from back and stomach sleepers to side sleepers or a combination of all three.
  • Edge support– The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Helix Midnight have great edge support for those who love to sit on the edge of the bed or gravitate to the edges during the night.
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Construction and Material of DreamCloud VS Helix

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress comes with an ultra-soft cashmere cover. It combines the stable support of coils and the comfortable benefits of memory foam so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The mattress’s excellent spinal alignment allows you to maintain good posture while you sleep, helping alleviate back pain. It is an excellent mattress for all sleeping positions since it’s both stable and responsive. The mattress features five comfortable layers:

  • Mattress cover– The ultra-soft cover consists of quilted foam and cashmere.
  • Comfort layer– A gel memory foam layer that adds comfort and pressure release for a good night’s sleep.
  • Sink-in layer –A foam layer that adds cushioning, so you only sink slightly without the mattresses swallowing your whole body.
  • The base layer– A high-density foam layer that helps add support to the mattress.
  • Support layer– A system of pocketed individually wrapped coils that add bounce and allow the mattress to respond to your body throughout the night.

The Helix Midnight, on the other hand, features a foam layer that helps isolate motion, making the mattress an excellent choice for anyone who shares their bed with someone. All the layers are made of all-natural materials.

The hybrid mattress’s coil construction helps promote airflow to keep your body cool at night. It features three separate foam layers for comfortable sleep and a coiled layer that adds stability and support to the mattress.

Helix takes a different approach to the layers, delivering an almost perfect hybrid mattress. Here’s a breakdown of the mattress layers:

  • Mattress cover– The cover uses materials that help promote airflow and stretch slightly.
  • Comfort layer– A memory foam layer that provides relief and gives the mattress its medium-firmness feel.
  • Transition layer– A high-grade polyfoam layer that offers comfort and support that matches the sleeper’s body type.
  • Body shape layer– A layer of individually wrapped coils to support your weight while improving motion isolation
  • The base layer– A thick DuraDense foam layer that supports the structure of the mattress, making it more durable
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DreamCloud VS Helix: Feel and Firmness

Although mattresses come in different firmness levels, other factors influence the firmness, like your sleeping position and weight. For that reason, if you are a heavier person who prefers sleeping on your side, you will love the DreamCloud hybrid mattress. If you are a back sleeper, the first thing you will notice when you lie on a DreamCloud mattress is how your weight spreads across the entire surface.

The hybrid mattress comes with a quilted cover that combines with the comfort layers to take the shape of your body but only slightly so that you don’t sink into the mattress. Since the mattress is firm, you will also notice excellent lumbar support and minimum pressure. When you roll over to the side, you may notice a little pressure at the hips and shoulders, which is natural.

But what about the Helix Midnight? The mattress has a medium feel, and thanks to their no one-size-fits-all policy, you can always get a mattress that fits your firmness needs.

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Mattress Trial Period and Warranty

The trial period and warranty are two important factors you should never ignore if you are in the market for a new mattress. In the debate between DreamCloud VS Helix, the former wins in both categories.

DreamCloud offers a 365-day sleep trial, the highest on the market. They believe you deserve to experience your new mattress through all seasons to decide if it’s the right fit. And the good news; the trial period doesn’t begin until 30 days after you purchase your mattress. As for the warranty, DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty on all their mattresses which should give you an idea of how confident they are in their products.

Helix is slightly different because they only offer a 100-day sleep trial with the first 30 days included. You also get a 10-year limited warranty which is still good, but not as long as a lifetime warranty.

DreamCloud VS Helix

DreamCloud VS Helix: Price Comparison

To conclude the Helix VS DreamCloud mattress comparison, we must discuss the pricing. The Helix mattress and the DreamCloud mattress come in similar sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. The pricing, however, differs among the various sizes.

The Helix Queen mattress, for instance, will cost you $1199, while the DreamCloud Queen goes for $999. The Helix King costs $1549, while the DreamCloud King will cost you $1299. DreamCloud throws in two premier contours pillows, one premier cooling mattress protector, and one premier sheet set. Helix, on the other hand, includes two dream pillows.


Both are hybrid mattresses and a good example of how a hybrid can turn bedtime into comfort. However, there are areas where one mattress excels over the other. The DreamCloud mattress, for instance, has features that support back sleepers thanks to its five zones tailored to individual body parts. It is a firm mattress that will work well even for heavier sleepers.

The Helix brand operates on the philosophy that everyone needs a mattress that fits their unique needs. Thanks to their sleep quiz, the system makes choosing a mattress easy by selecting the most compatible option based on your weight, height, sleeping position, and partner.

So, which is the best mattress for you?

While we can’t make that choice for you, hopefully, this Helix VS DreamCloud mattress comparison will help you have a better understanding. Decide what’s good for you so you can have the best night’s sleep. And don’t forget to read our full mattress reviews of DreamCloud and Helix so you can make the right decision.

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