A great mattress will improve your entire lifestyle – here’s how…

Updated on September 27th, 2023
Alice Austin
Written by Alice Austin

Sleep impacts every aspect of our lives – and sleep quality is massively impacted by the quality of your mattress. In this article, we’ll take a look at how a great mattress can improve your entire lifestyle as well as a few contenders for Best Mattress 2024 to guarantee you better sleep long-term.

How sleep affects daily life

We all know how it feels to get a bad night’s sleep. The next day we’re grouchy, unable to focus and the hours seem to drag by. We tend to eat more and we’ll likely have a headache, thanks to an increase in proteins that trigger migraines. As well as the physical side-effects, we’ll also experience emotional challenges too. We’re more likely to snap at colleagues, make mistakes, miscommunicate and forget important details or dates. So needless to say, a good night’s sleep is about a lot more than giving our bodies and minds a rest.

Sleep is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. While we’re snoozing our body busies itself repairing muscles, healing brain function and recharging our immune defences. And if you’ve ever wondered why you get sick after a week of bad sleep – it’s because your immune system is down and your body less able to withstand pain. So a bad sleep schedule is likely to increase your chances of picking up viruses and will likely trigger migraines, nausea and muscle aches.

But the good news is, improving your sleep pattern doesn’t equate to rocket science – it could be as simple as changing your mattress.

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How your mattress impacts sleep

When the firmness of your mattress declines, you’re likely to wake up with a stiff back, shoulders, hips and other aches and pains. An old mattress will sag, which limits support for your back and impacts your spinal alignment.

You’ll notice the impact of a new mattress right away. You’ll fall asleep faster, you’ll wake up feeling rested and aches and pains will reduce. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on your entire lifestyle. You’ll have more energy to meet those deadlines and socialise with your friends, and you’re less likely to miss a gym class. Your relationships will improve as you’ll feel calmer and more balanced, and you’ll be able to manage stress better. So a good mattress is about a lot more than a good night’s sleep.

Recommended mattresses and best mattress 2024

Helix is the most awarded mattress brand of 2024, with accolades confirming it’s fantastic value, best mattress for back pain, best mattress for hot sleepers and best mattress for couples –amongst others. With a Helix mattress, you’ll get better sleep and jump out of bed every morning, ready to start your day.

The Dreamcloud – a contender for Best Mattress 2022 – combines gel memory foam and innerspring coils to give the best of both worlds. It was awarded Best Hybrid Mattress 2022 by Architectural Digest, Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain 2022 by Forbes and Editors Pick 2022 by Health. They say you’ll have the best sleep of your life – which will significantly impact every aspect of your daily world. Imagine waking up so fully refreshed you’ll meet all your deadlines by midday and have energy left over to hit the gym and meet with friends, too.

Saatva‘s hand-crafted mattresses are made from antimicrobial organic cotton and eco-friendly components to reduce allergies and prolong life-span. This mattress is engineered for pain-free sleep and to promote healthy spinal alignment. If you’re particularly active or recovering from an injury, then this is the place to buy one of the best mattresses of 2024

For more comparisons on these two mattress providers, take a look at this article.

Find out more ways to purchase your mattress

We recommend shopping for your mattress online. A new mattress is a big decision and a big investment, and prices are lower online and you’ll have more to choose from. Every mattress on Top5 Mattresses offer a trial period, so you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong mattress for your needs. Plus testing at home is a lot more accurate than testing for a few seconds in-store.

We hope this article demonstrates how crucial a good mattress is to better sleep and your overall wellbeing. Because nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

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