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Latex for Less Mattress Review

Updated on November 23rd, 2023
Nina Livelo
Reviewed by Nina Livelo
Dr. Dimitar Marinov
Validated by Dr. Dimitar Marinov - Sleep Specialist

About Latex for Less Mattress

Latex for Less was founded on the idea that natural latex mattresses shouldn’t cost more, hence their unique and catchy name! They’ve partnered directly with farmers to cut costs and ensure their products are made with the purest, organic materials out there. Each organic, natural and hybrid latex mattresses comes with different firmness and thickness levels to suit everyone’s sleep needs.

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8.6 Overall Score

Pros & Cons

  • Made with organic & natural materials
  • 2-in-1 firmness
  • Available in a variety of split-sizes
  • Limited edge support
  • Mattress cover is not removable

Sizes & Pricing

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Organic Latex

  • Mattress type icon
    Mattress Type Latex
  • Mattress price & size icon
    Price $2,199 - Queen
  • Mattress firmness icon
    Firmness Levels vary
  • Mattress trial period icon
    Trial 120 years
  • Mattress warranty icon
    Warranty 20 years
  • Special feature icon Hot Sleepers
  • Special feature icon Back Pain
  • Special feature icon Joint Pain
  • Special feature icon Couples
  • Special feature icon Motion Isolation

Firmness Level

As I mentioned earlier, Latex for Less specializes in dual comfort mattresses – with each side designed for different levels of comfort. On one side, sleepers can experience the medium-firmness of Talalay latex. If you prefer a firm mattress, flip it over for a more supportive sleep as provided by natural Dunlop latex.  Thanks to this unique reversibility, it makes the Latex for Mattresses a good fit for really any type of sleeper, and especially since there a 3 different firmness options including soft, medium-firm and firm.


soft_icon Soft
firm_icon Firm

Cooling Properties

Thanks to the latex used in the mattress, the cooling properties of the Latex for Less mattresses are also one of their strong selling points.  The latex is ventilated with minuscule holes in order to help airflow from the inside.  And in general, mattresses made from latex make a comfortable option for hot sleepers such as myself and my partner, especially compared to all-foam mattresses.

soft_icon Cool
firm_icon Hot

Pressure Relief

The Dunlop latex used in Latex for Less mattresses is known to provide sold pressure relief to sleepers. I felt as though my body was contoured without feeling like I was sinking in too much, almost as though it knew exactly how to evenly spread out my body weight.

soft_icon Low Pressure
firm_icon High Pressure


It’s fairly easy and comfortable to move around on this mattresses, which can also be credited its dunlop latex. The core of the mattress is also coiled for an extra feeling of ‘bounce’.

soft_icon No Bounce
firm_icon Very Responsive

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation on the Latex for Less mattress passed the glass of water test with flying colors with really minimal motion transfer, showing that when sleeping with a partner I won’t be disturbed if they toss and turn.

soft_icon Low Motion Isolation
firm_icon High Motion Isolation

Edge Support

The edges of this mattress are not reinforced and run a higher risk of sinkage due to the all-latex composition.  However for a mattress of its type, it stands strong against its competitors in terms of edge support.

Mattress Materials

Eco-conscious consumers, unsurprisingly love the 100% natural and organic Latex for Less mattresses. These foam mattresses leave out unrecognizable, synthetic materials, opting for simple latex, cotton, and wool instead. There are no complicated, highly-manufactured layers – only materials that consumers know and trust. The mattress’ five layers consist of two foam layers sandwiched between layers of wool. Finally, it is wrapped in an organic cotton mattress cover. One of the most unique features of Latex for Less mattresses is that they are reversible. Flip your mattress to choose between two different levels of firmness, as offered by the two kinds of latex included.

Customer Support

Reaching a customer support agent from Latex for Less is easy, whether you prefer to chat on the phone or online. Agents are available 7 days a week during business hours (9 am to 9 pm PST).

Phone support icon
Phone Support 1-888-560-2085
Chat support icon
Live Chat Available 7 days a week

Customer Support

- Overall Score -
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  • Professionalism 8.0
  • Response Time 8.0

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Questions & Answers

Seth Miller on May 19, 2020

What type of foundation or base do I need for the Latex for Less mattress?

You should choose a solid metal or wooden frame for your Latex for Less mattress.
Joyce Jones on May 19, 2020

Do Latex for Less mattresses off-gas?

No, as natural latex mattresses, they do not off-gas.
Joe on May 19, 2020

Where are Latex for Less mattresses made?

Latex for Less mattresses are made in the USA.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a natural mattress with a good reputation to feel confident that you’re making a healthy lifestyle choice, Latex for Less is your answer.  On top of feeling and doing good, their mattresses also make a great option if you don’t know which firmness to go with. You can test both sides out and change your mind whenever you decide to with their double sided mattresses.  It’s also relatively affordable and includes a generous 120 night sleep trial.



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