Emma Mattress Review

flag 365 nights trial & 10 years warranty
  • Active Cooling Technology

  • Reinforced perimeter for improved edge support

  • 7x better airflow and 2° cooler

  • Suitable for all types of sleepers

Pros & Cons

  • Supportive while relieving pressure
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Top-rated and award-winning
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Mediocre edge support

Sizes & Pricing

The Emma Original

  • Twin: The twin mattress measures 38 x 75 x 12 inches and is sold for $545.
  • Twin XL: The twin XL measures 38 x 80 x 12 inches and is priced at $645.
  • Full: The full mattress measures 54 x 75 x 12 inches. Its price is $795.
  • Queen: The queen’s dimensions are 60 x 80 x 12 inches and is priced at $895.
  • King: The king mattress measures 76 x 80 x 12 inches and is sold for $1,195.
  • Cal King: The Cal king has dimensions of 72 x 84 x 12 inches and is priced at $1,195.

The Emma Original Hybrid

  • Twin: The twin mattress measures 38 x 75 x 12 inches and is sold for $945.
  • Twin XL :The twin XL measures 38 x 80 x 12 inches and is priced at $1,045.
  • Full: The full mattress measures 54 x 75 x 12 inches. Its price is $1,245.
  • Queen: The queen’s dimensions are 60 x 80 x 12 inches and is priced at $1,745.
  • King: The king mattress measures 76 x 80 x 12 inches and is sold for $2,195.
  • Cal King: The Cal king has dimensions of 72 x 84 x 12 inches and is priced at $2,195.

The mattresses’ prices are close to, or somewhat higher, compared to similar beds in the market. Emma offers 365-night free trial along with free shipping and returns.

Emma’s 10-year warranty is the industry-standard; some brands offer more generous guarantees. Emma’s mattresses have secured numerous awards in the best mattresses category, making them a preferred choice for many Americans.


Original Queen
Original Twin
Original Twin XL
Original Full
Original King
Original Cal King
Original Hybrid Queen
Original Hybrid Twin
Original Hybrid King


Founded in 2015 in Germany, Emma is a memory foam or hybrid mattress that utilizes innovative German design. While the design is European, you’ll be pleased to note that the Emma mattresses are made in the USA. Emma is now a seven-time award winner, boasting such accolades as “Best Buy” according to Which and EU Product of the Year 2018. Their products are suitable for all kinds of sleepers and fit most sleeping positions while catering to the body and providing pressure point relief.

emma mattress


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Comfort"
    8 /10
  • " Body Support"
    8 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    8 /10


The Emma Original mattress is made up of three distinct layers, plus comes with a climate regulating top cover and a breathable air comfort cover. This memory foam mattress is designed in a manner that provides support no matter your sleep position, relieves pressure, and will stay comfortably cool thanks to its climate regulating structure.

Adaptive Airgocell Foam

The 1.5-inch Adaptive Airgocell Foam layer is the top layer of the Emma mattress. It features an open pore structure which is ideal for promoting air circulation so you won’t overheat at night while you’re trying to sleep.

Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

The middle layer of the Emma mattress is the 2-inch Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer. This layer works to keep your weight evenly distributed on the mattress as you sleep, providing pressure relief while supporting proper spinal alignment.

Supportive Base Foam with Adaptive Cut-Out Technology

The 8-inch foundation layer utilizes German Cut-Out Technology, an innovative solution for supporting your lower back, shoulders, and spine in proper alignment. Though this layer is firm, it nevertheless adapts to your particular body to meet your unique needs.

This image shows a cross-section of the Emma mattress layers including the Airgocell foam layer on top, followed by the Visco-Elastic memory foam layer, and the HRX

emma mattress layers

The Emma Original Hybrid (Active Cooling Technology) mattress is made of 5 layers, a combination of foam and pocket springs. The new technology contributes towards efficient, regenerative relaxation via extended deep sleep phases.

Breathable and Plush Top Layer

This top cover evenly distributes the cooling effect throughout the whole mattress.

Graphite Infused Foam

The graphite particles optimize temperature regulation, resulting in a cool night’s sleep.

Adaptable Comfort Foam to Hug You

This mattress responds to your body and helps relieve pressure through point elastic adaptation.

300+ Individually Working Pocket Springs

Pocket springs add to the cooling properties of the mattress as well as assist the adaptable foam layer to offer your body maximum support. They expertly relieve pressure and respond to your body.


Two layers of supportive base foam gives the mattress a firm and reliable base.


The brand advertises all of the materials to be high-quality. You’ll feel reassured knowing that all of the foams used in this mattress are made in the United States.  The mattress does not use any animal-based materials in its construction, so it’s a good choice for those who live a vegan lifestyle. There’s no need for a special frame for this mattress. Use it with a slat frame, box spring, or even directly on the floor of your bedroom.


Mattress Cover

Climate Regulating Top Cover

The top cover uses climate regulating fibers that allow it to release heat. The breathable design remains flexible so it won’t interfere with the mattress adapting to your body and sleep position.

Breathable Air Comfort Cover

The side cover of the mattress, the Air Comfort Cover adds air circulation due to the 3D mesh construction. The gray color provides a stylish, modern look and includes convenient handles.

The mattress cover can be easily removed for cleaning. Even better: it’s machine washable. You also don’t have to worry about flipping the Emma mattress, making it even more stress-free.

Firmness, Feel & Support

The mattress is soft, yet highly supportive. On the firmness scale of 1 to 10, the Emma can be categorized as medium firm, with a firmness level of 6 to 7. A generally accepted rule is that most people feel comfortable when sleeping on 6 to 8 firmness level mattresses, so the Emma will be suitable for most types of sleepers. It’s a great choice for people who experience pain associated with pressure because of the way it contours to the body while providing good support.

The edge support of the mattress is fine, but it may not be the best choice for people with limited mobility who have difficulty getting into and out of bed.

The sinkage of the mattress feels pretty perfect. Thanks to the 3D technology of the construction, Emma provides just enough sinkage to contour to the sleeper’s body, creating a feeling of lying “in” a bed rather than “on” a bed.

The mattress is highly responsive, which will be a pleasant discovery for couples. The construction provides just enough bounce to complement one’s sex life while being firm to withstand high levels of pressure. Also, the motion transfer is close to non-existent thanks to the Airgocell foam’s unique attributes, eliminating the domino effect and stopping any motion transfer.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The whole process is incredibly easy and requires just a few steps. The website interface provides all the information that you need to choose your mattress – dimensions, price, and type – and multiple payment options are available. You can also pay in comfortable installments.

The company takes care of deliveries and returns completely free of charge. You’ll receive a Fedex or UPS tracking code in your email to track your delivery, and you can schedule the delivery to arrive at a convenient time for you.

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, the Emma mattress team does a fair job. You can reach them via email, telephone, or by submitting an online ticket on their Contact Us page. The team is quite responsive and ready to help users with any queries.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    24/7 help and support is available via email and ticketing service.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available at (833)EMMA-USA
  • Email
    The Emma mattress team can be reached via the dedicated email address. The response times are under 24 hours.
  • FAQ
    The comprehensive, well-structured FAQ section provides answers to many common questions including the warranty, construction, mattress care, shipping and returns, etc.

Final Word

The decent price, construction techniques (made in the USA), and the ability to test-drive the product for 365 nights make the Emma mattress a fine option for both couples and singles. The Original and Hybrid mattresses are suitable for all kinds of sleepers and provide excellent motion control and pressure point relief. Finally, you can’t ignore the fact that Emma has won multiple awards for comfort and quality.

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