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  • author: Danielle Hayes
  • 04.07.19
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Launched in 2014, Casper has made it their mission to research, design, and engineer the perfect mattress to set a new standard in sleep innovation. They offer hybrid and all-foam varieties of mattresses for all sleep types and in a variety of sizes and prices.

Casper prides itself in their award-winning customer service and delivering high-quality materials, including foams that are certified by the CertiPUR-US program.


Sizes & Pricing

Casper mattresses come in 5 different sizes, each of which range in price depending on which model you choose. They currently offer 3 different models: the Original (which is also available as an Original Hybrid, which adds $200 to the price), the Wave Hybrid, and the Nova Hybrid.

Prices by Size and Model:

Twin: Casper twin size mattresses cost $595 for the Original, $1,495 for the Wave Hybrid, and $1,095 for the Nova.

Twin XL: Casper twin XL size mattresses cost $695 for the Original, $1,695 for the Wave Hybrid, and $1,245 for the Nova.

Full:  Casper full size mattresses cost $995 for the Original, $2,395 for the Wave Hybrid, and $1,795 for the Nova.

Queen: Casper queen size mattresses cost $1,095 for the Original, $2,595 for the Wave Hybrid, and $1,995 for the Nova.

King: Casper king size mattresses cost $1,295 for the Original, $2,995 for the Wave Hybrid, and $2,295 for the Nova.

Cal King: Casper cal king size mattresses cost $1,295 for the Original, $2,995 for the Wave Hybrid, and $2,295 for the Nova.

When checking out, buyers have the option of selecting “Affirm” to make easy monthly payments over 12, 18, or 24 months. They’re upfront with their fees and you can quickly find out if you qualify, which won’t harm your credit score. There may be a down payment required and APR ranges from 0%-30%, depending on your credit profile.

All mattresses come with free shipping and free returns as well as a 10-year limited warranty and 100-day trial.

Original Queen
Original Twin
Original Twin XL
Original Full
Original King
Original Cal King
Wave Hybrid Twin
Wave Hybrid Twin XL
Wave Hybrid Full
Wave Hybrid Queen
Wave Hybrid King
Wave Hybrid Cal King
Nova Hybrid Twin
Nova Hybrid Twin XL
Nova Hybrid Full
Nova Hybrid Queen
Nova Hybrid King
Nova Hybrid Cal King


Each of the Casper mattress models come with varying layers and materials optimized for comfort.

The Wave Hybrid – 13 inches in height and comes in 5 layers of hyper-targeted premium foam support: a velvety soft comfort foam top layer, a breathable latex foam, a pressure-relieving memory foam, targeted gel pods for hip and core support, a durable base layer coming in a firmer or softer overall feel (buyer’s choice).

The Original – 12 inches in height and comes in 4 layers of zoned premium foam support: a breathable comfort foam top layer, a pressure-relieving memory foam, a zoned support designed to treat shoulders and hips differently for spine alignment, and a durable base layer coming in a firmer or softer overall feel (buyer’s choice).

The Nova – 12 inches in height and comes in 7 zones of support for proper spinal alignment with 2 layers of perforated breathable foam to keep you cool. The Hybrid design combines foam and springs for added lift and airflow. Every Nova mattress also saves up to 70 recycled bottles from the environment.

Casper mattresses use an open-cell foam with tiny pores that are breathable by allowing excess hot air to escape. Additionally, they offer comfy alignment with signature support for all sleep types.

casper construction

Mattress Cover

The Wave Hybrid model comes with a humidity-fighting wool cover and high-airflow perforations, which can help with temperature regulation and staying cool.

The Original model has an easy-to-clean, zip-off cover made with a durable upholstery-grade hybrid knit, and comes in a gray charcoal color, which helps with hiding stains.

The Original model cover is super soft while the Element model is a bit more coarse but still comfortable.

The Nova Hybrid comes in a plush fabric that cradles your body and makes you feel as if you were sinking into a cloud.

Firmness, Feel & Support

What’s great about Casper mattresses is that they offer a variety of mattress models, each offering unique materials for varying support levels. Overall, these mattresses fall into a “medium firmness” category—not too soft but not too firm. Casper mattresses have some temperature regulation but they aren’t the coolest mattresses out there, yet they also don’t get too hot due to the open-cell foam, which helps promote airflow.

Casper Wave

The Wave Hybrid offers a nice reinforced foam in the center with excellent pressure relief for the shoulders and feet. Coming in at 11 inches thick, this is a preferable mattress for heavier sleepers over 200lbs. While it’s the most durable and firm of their models, it’s not the most firm mattress on the market, if that’s your preference.

Casper Original

The Original mattress is not as intricate as The Wave Hybrid, but its 4 layers of foam help you really feel the pressure relief and durability. It’s the most popular model in terms of feel and comfort and the newly added zone support makes it much more appealing. While you get the benefits of a memory foam mattress, it won’t leave sleepers sinking in much or feeling hot since the memory foam is below the top layer.

Casper Nova Hybrid

The Nova Hybrid’s 7 zones of targeted support are designed especially for healthy spinal alignment. The softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body and more ergonomic support under the shoulders, hips, waist and lower back. This mattress also provides the plushest sleep owing to its material which makes you feel like you’re floating.

Purchase & Delivery Process

You can buy a Casper mattress online or at one of their many storefront locations. To buy online, you can simply select one of the four models, your choice of Firmer all-foam or Softer hybrid, and the size to complete your order.

While the Original and Element models are delivered in a box to your home, free of charge, the Wave model offers white-glove delivery, meaning free in-home delivery and setup or removal.

Adjustable Beds

Casper offers two types of adjustable beds: their signature Adjustable and their Adjustable Pro. The Adjustable is a more basic model but still provides beloved features including wireless remote control, built-in USB ports for easy charging, Zero-Gravity, and full bed adjustability. You can use the wireless remote control to save your favorite positions and it even comes with a pre-programmed anti-snore setting.

The Casper Adjustable Pro provides additional premium features. On top of what you get from the Casper Adjustable, you’ll also enjoy wall-aligning technology, a massage feature, under-bed lights, and headrest tilt function. Casper recommends giving yourself about 20 minutes to set up their adjustable frames, preferably with a friend. Given how heavy these beds are, we recommend adding in-home set up at checkout.

When you purchase an adjustable bed from Casper, you’ll enjoy a 30-day trial period. Shipping and returns are free in the contiguous United States. These adjustable beds are compatible with the Original, Element, Nova Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid mattresses, as well as other flexible, foam mattresses.

Adjustable Bed Prices:

The Twin XL Adjustable sells for $945 and the Pro for $1,495.

The Queen Adjustable sells for $1,195 and the Pro for $1,995.

The Split King Adjustable sells for $1,890 and the Pro for $2,990.

The Cal King Adjustable sells for $1,890 and the Pro for $2,990.

Pros & Cons

  • Variety of mattress options available
  • Award-winning customer support & easy delivery process
  • Not too firm but not too soft, making it suitable for all sleeper types
  • Free shipping & returns with a 100-day trial period
  • Covers are not machine washable
  • May not be supportive enough for heavier bodies

Customer support

Casper prides itself on offering award-winning customer support. Not only do they provide free in-home setup or removal for their premium Wave model, but you can get in touch with their team 7 days a week via phone or live chat.

Their comprehensive FAQ page allows you to easily browse or search a wide variety of helpful topics categorized as Popular Questions, Orders & Shipping, Returns & Exchanges, Retail & Partnerships, Resources, and Casper Products.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Casper offers 24/7 help and support.
  • Phone Support
    Call Casper at 1-888-498-0003.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is available.
  • Video Tutorials
    Casper has a YouTube channel with videos.
  • FAQ
    A FAQ page is available.
  • Blog
    Yes, Casper has a blog on their website.

Final Word

Casper mattresses are a great choice for all sleep types, given their four models—each offering varying levels of support. Firmness falls somewhere in the middle—not too soft but not too firm.

They offer a wider range than many of their competitors with their standard flagship Original model, the budget-friendly Elements model, and their high-end Wave Hybrid which offers the most ergonomic support. Their new mattress, the Nova Hybrid model is designed for designed especially for healthy spinal alignment.

It’s no surprise the high reputation Casper has built for itself over the years when it comes to sleep innovation. While their products aren’t organic, they are certified by the CertiPUR-US program, their foam materials provide optimal support, and they cater to all budgets and sleep types.

For less heavy sleepers who don’t require the firmest of mattresses, we recommend their most popular model, the Casper Mattress which offers the perfect balance of comfort and support at a reasonable price point.

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Questions & Answers

J. Stephens

As with most mattresses, do you turn this so it doesn’t make a ‘map’ of your body?

It's recommended to rotate the Casper mattress 180-degrees every 3-6 months.

will you take or recycle my old futon mattress

If the areas where Casper offers in-home delivery & setup, mattress removal can also be arranged. If you fall outside of this range, Casper will still work with you to find a way for the mattress to be removed and recycled -- you simply have to contact them.
Judy Hibard

What is price range on full size?

At the time of answering this question, Casper is offering a 10% discount. That makes the regular Casper full-size mattress cost $806, the Wave (full-size) cost $1,931, and the Essential (full-size) cost $491.

If I don’t like it how do I return it. I don’t think I could fit back in the box it comes in. I live in Hawaii.

You don't need to save the box at all. Casper mattresses are compressed by a special machine before being boxed, so it will not be possible for you to do this. All returns are free, and Casper works to donate them to local charities. Some regions require that used mattresses go to recycling instead, however.
Brenda Middleton Hahn

What mattress would you recommend for middle age people with back ache and overweight.

You may want to consider the Casper Wave Hybrid, which offers ergonomic zones with gel pods for pressure relief.

I prefer a firm mattress. Does Casper offer a firm option?

The Original Casper mattress is the firmest option though still more medium-firm than extra firm. You may want to also look at the Saatva mattress, which allows you to choose your firmness level when purchasing the mattress.
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