Nectar VS Purple: Which Mattress Should You Choose?

Updated on August 22nd, 2022
Nina Livelo
Written by Nina Livelo

Deciding on a mattress is tough, especially when the choice comes down to Purple vs Nectar. On one hand, you’ve got the Nectar mattress—a memory foam model that balances softness, firmness, and support to offer good overall comfort. On the other hand, you’ve got the Purple mattress—an unconventional hybrid mattress that pairs a dual-foam base with the hyper-elastic polymer “Grid” for support.

Both mattresses are excellent options and are highly ranked among consumers. That said, they are also very different and serve the needs of different types of sleepers. So which is right for you? We’ve compared the most important aspects of each mattress below to help you find out.


The main differences between Purple vs Nectar mattresses lie in the mattress constructions. Before we explain what these differences mean for sleepers, here is a breakdown of the layers in each mattress:


  • Quilted Tencel Cover – Tencel fabric is light as air and super soft, moisture-wicking, and cooling
  • Gel Memory Foam – Simultaneously comforts and cools; memory foam distributes weight evenly to relieve pressure points, while infused cooling gel keeps heat from getting trapped.
  • Adaptive Response Transition Layer – Provides counter support to memory foam, keeping you from sinking into the mattress too much.
  • Base Layer – Made of high-density foam; provides stability and reinforced support.
  • Bottom mattress cover – Prevents slipping



  • Softflex Cover – Made of a soft synthetic blend that stretches and flexes to move with the body and the Purple Grid.
  • Purple Grid – Two inches of hyper-elastic polymer respond to the pressure and shape of the body to provide support; equipped with over 1,000 air channels to keep the mattress cool.
  • Transition Foam Layer – The top layer of foam offers soft, cushioning comfort.
  • Foam Base Layer – A thicker and firmer layer of foam provides a stable base for the mattress and contributes to its durability.

The most important thing to note here is that the Nectar mattress relies on memory foam for comfort and support, while the Purple mattress relies on the Grid. As a result, Nectar offers a more body-contouring and cradling sensation, while Purple offers a more buoyant mattress feel that adapts to support the body, then quickly snaps back into shape.

purple mattress grid

Another important difference is that the Purple Grid is more durable than memory foam, which tends to wear out relatively quickly, sometimes resulting in a dip in the mattress.

Finally, the memory foam in the Nectar mattress also presents the possibility of temporary, but unpleasant, off-gassing for up to 48 hours after setup.

Firmness, Feel, & Support

Both mattresses feature medium-firm firmness, which is the most popular and most universally-comfortable firmness level. The way Purple vs Nectar feels, however, is quite different.

The Nectar mattress, for example, offers a classic memory foam feel—soft on top and firmer as you sink in. It gives a hugging sensation while relieving crucial pressure points around the shoulders, hips, and legs.

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The Purple mattress offers an inverse comfort experience—firm to the touch and softer as you settle in. That’s because the Grid moves underneath the body to absorb different levels of pressure. The flexible material of the Grid makes the Purple mattress much bouncier than the Nectar mattress, so sleepers will find it easier to move around on. It also provides solid spinal support and effectively reduces pressure in the lower back and hips.


The cooling features of a mattress are fundamental to ensuring uninterrupted good-quality sleep. Nectar addresses the issue in two ways: by infusing memory foam with cooling gel and topping the mattress with a Tencel cover. Because memory foam is prone to heat-trapping, cooling gel is essential for helping regulate mattress temperature. Meanwhile, Tencel fabric is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and derived from naturally antibacterial Eucalyptus, making for a comforting sleep surface in case you still get too hot.

Purple has also taken multiple steps to keep sleepers from overheating. For one, the polymer used to make the Purple Grid is temperature-neutral. Additionally, the Grid is outfitted with over 1,000 air channels that transport heat away from the body and promote air circulation. Finally, the mattress cover is made of a cool and breathable viscose blend. The advanced cooling technology from Purple vs Nectar’s cooling gel-infused memory foam makes the Purple mattress the best pick for hot sleepers.

Motion Transfer

There is no competition when it comes to comparing motion transfer in Nectar vs Purple mattresses. This is an area in which Nectar clearly prevails. Memory foam is the best mattress material for minimizing or even eliminating motion disturbance. It absorbs all shock so that you and your partner can move freely without fear of waking the other.


The Purple mattress, on the other hand, is characteristically bouncy, which some people like, but isn’t great for reducing motion transfer.

Size Availability

The Nectar mattress comes in six standard mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. There is one more size option for Purple vs Nectar mattresses. In addition to the six standard sizes, the Purple mattress is also available in Split King.

The Nectar is 11” tall and the Purple is 9.25” tall.


Nectar mattresses range from $1,198 to $1,398, while Purple mattresses range from $599 to $1,598. If price is an important factor to you, a Purple mattress would be the more affordable option if you are shopping for a Twin, Twin XL, or Full-size bed. If you are shopping for a King or Cal King-size bed, Nectar would be the more affordable option.

For a Queen-size mattress, Purple and Nectar come in at about the same price point with Purple just slightly cheaper. A queen-size Nectar mattress costs $1,198, while a queen-size Purple costs $1,149.

Both brands offer special financing plans from 0% APR for qualified buyers.


Both Nectar and Purple offer free shipping and returns.

Trial Period

Comparing the trial periods for Nectar vs Purple mattress is important for those who are hesitant to commit to a new mattress. If that is the case for you, choose a Nectar mattress, which comes with an extensive 365-night trial period. That’s more than three times longer than Purple’s 100-night trial period.


The Nectar mattress comes with a Forever Warranty, shadowing over Purple’s 10-year warranty.

Conclusion – Should You Choose Nectar or Purple?

As you can see, the Nectar mattress and the Purple mattress have much to offer sleepers in the way of comfort and support. But which one caters to your needs?

To recap, you should choose a Nectar mattress if…

  • You prefer the hugging sensation of memory foam
  • You suffer from back pain that requires a lot of cushioning support
  • You or your partner toss and turn and wake easily
  • You want a larger mattress at a more affordable price
  • You are a light or medium-weight sleeper
  • A lifetime warranty is important to you

You should choose a Purple mattress if…

  • You prefer a buoyant mattress with some bounce
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You prefer a more reactive mattress
  • You are a back or stomach sleeper
  • You are a heavier-weight sleeper
  • You want a mattress that won’t wear out too quickly
  • You want a smaller mattress at a more affordable price

To discover more about these mattresses, read the full reviews for Purple and Nectar on our website. There, you can also learn about other products offered by these brands that may help to enhance your sleep.

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Phyllis 1-253-370-2487

what’s the difference in price and where to purchase in Maui, HI

Both brands update their pricing often so best to check their site for the most updated answer

Both brands update their pricing often so best to check their site for the most updated answer

Barbara Cunningham

How does purple mattress handle on an adjustable
Frame? How long does it take to set up before you can sleep on it. We are heavy people, which one is better?

Purple mattresses can be used on adjustable frames. Purple even sells a "Power Base" in case you're looking for a new adjustable bed as well. Purple mattresses support up to 600 lbs total (300 lbs per side), but they say that if you go over that amount, it does not void your warranty in any way. Saatva's Classic mattress also supports up to 300 lbs per side. Saatva also has an "HD" model, which supports up to 1000 lbs total (500 lbs per side).


Purple mattresses can be used on adjustable frames. Purple even sells a “Power Base” in case you’re looking for a new adjustable bed as well. Purple mattresses support up to 600 lbs total (300 lbs per side), but they say that if you go over that amount, it does not void your warranty in any way. Saatva’s Classic mattress also supports up to 300 lbs per side. Saatva also has an “HD” model, which supports up to 1000 lbs total (500 lbs per side).

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