Mattress Comparison: Dreamcloud VS Casper Nova Hybrid

Jenny Lynton

Jun 14 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a brand new hybrid mattress, then the luxury hybrid Dreamcloud mattress and Casper’s Nova Hybrid mattress are both great choices. Each brand boasts the benefits of cloud-like comfort, luxury, support, pressure relief, contouring, and coolness. However, each brand also offers unique perks. Use this mattress comparison guide to help you make your decision.

Dreamcloud Mattress Vs Casper

Dreamcloud prides itself on offering premium quality hybrid mattresses, that are designed to appeal to all kinds of sleepers. The luxurious hybrid mattress has been hand-crafted with multiple layers of soft and supportive materials that are certified by the CertiPUR-US program. The mattress is also available in a variety of sizes and prices. This means the brand aims to strike the perfect balance between luxury, support, comfort, contouring, and breathability.

Since launching the brand in 2014, Casper has set its sights on raising the bar in sleep innovation. The brand has invested its time in researching sleep and designing and engineering premium quality mattresses to suit a variety of sleep types. There are currently three mattress models, which are also available at differing prices and sizes. Casper offers premium quality materials that are also certified by the CertiPUR-US program. The brand also has an award-winning customer service team.

Caster Vs. DreamCloud

Construction Compared

Dreamcloud’s luxury hybrid mattress is composed of six layers, including two top covers, designed for a cool, comforting, and cloud-like sleep experience. The mattress also features memory foam, and innerspring coils for added support, contouring, keeping your body aligned, and pressure relief.

Casper’s Nova Hybrid mattress features four layers instead of six. The main benefits of these layers include the plush and luxurious top layer as well as three additional layers for extra support, cloud-like comfort, targeted pressure relief, and cooling benefits while you sleep.

Similarities and Differences:

Although there are four layers in Casper’s Hybrid Nova mattress instead of six, there are various similarities and various different perks offered by each brand. Both brands offer comfort, support, and cooling, but there are other advantages. One of the main benefits of Casper’s mattress is the plush and stretchy foam top layer, Airscape, which adds a soft, luxurious and feel while enhancing the airflow. The mattress is also engineered to offer a firmer foundation, with the Airscape™ and Zoned Support™ Pro layers. These layers are also engineered to target 7 specific zones of your body and to help align your spine, which is another big perk. The base layer also offers resilient springs for extra lift and helping you get on and off the bed, which is not offered by the other brand.

The hybrid Dreamcloud mattress offers two more layers than Casper’s product, which means it can offer some similar and some contrasting features. The Cashex Cashmere blended top cover and the Eurotop cover might be a little less luxurious than the plush top layer on the Casper mattress. However, these layers provide added cloud-like comfort, a lightweight and natural feel, and extra breathability. Dreamcloud also offers a point-activated foam layer for pressure relief and innerspring coils for added support and contouring. However, this is not designed to target 7 specific zones like the other brand. The porous foam base layer has the benefit of making you stay put and enhancing the airflow, which is another extra perk of the Dreamcloud mattress.

DreamCloud & Casper

Here is a more detailed comparison of each layer:

Top Cover/s Comparison:

The luxury hybrid Dreamcloud mattress offers a Cashex Cashmere blended top cover, made of super-soft Mongolian cashmere material. The result is a lightweight and natural feel that has the benefit of breathability and extra cooling. Dreamcloud then offers a Trueloft Eurotop layer. This premium, high-loft layer features memory foam, providing a cozy and quilted sensation for added breathability and cloud-like comfort.

In contrast, Casper’s Nova Hybrid mattress offers a plush and stretchy foam top layer, Airscape™. This layer has a soft and velvety knitted fabric that can stretch four ways, for a luxurious and comforting experience while you sleep. It also features perforations that enhance airflow and regulate your body heat while sleeping.

Next Layer/s Comparison:

Dreamcloud’s mattress then features a layer of point-activated foam, which is a high-density gel memory foam. This design feature targets pressure points and contours to your body while you sleep. Dreamcloud then offers a supportive layer of foam with low motion transfer, which is useful as you will not feel your partner’s movements so much, for a longer sleep.

Casper’s mattress then has a second layer of Airscape™. This is a supportive foam layer that targets 3 ergonomic zones for extra pressure relief and to help align your spine. This means it will be firmer for your back, hips, and waist, and yet softer around the shoulders.

Next Layer Comparison:

Dreamcloud provides an Edge-to-Edge shield coil system, featuring individually encased coils. Because they are individually encased, there is decreased motion transfer. It also features a heavy-duty rim, for extra support around the edges of the mattress.

Casper features a Zoned Support™ Pro layer which is engineered for extra support and targets 7 zones. These zones include under the shoulders and on your lower back, waist, hips, and spine.

Base Layer Comparison:

Dreamcloud offers a porous foam base that enhances airflow. At the same time, it reduces motion transfer by re-distributing the vibrations in the coil.

Casper’s base layer is composed of resilient springs to provide you with more support, lift, and airflow. It also features a firmer border to help you get on and off the bed more easily.

Dreamcloud VS Casper: Firmness & Feel Compared

The Dreamcloud mattress is luxurious yet supportive. It offers a medium level of firmness, rated a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It is recommended for back, side, and stomach sleep types. The mattress has been carefully crafted to provide quilted comfort, to make you feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud. The light materials and addition of coils keep the mattress breathable so it does not get overly hot. Another unique benefit is the edge support, and it has a low motion transfer, to help you stay put while you or your partner is sleeping. Overall, the mattress has a sinking level of 6.5” in the center and 6” around the edges.

dreamcloud mattress


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Casper’s Hybrid Nova Mattress is also suitable for most sleeping positions and has a similar firmness as the Dreamcloud. Nevertheless, it has different features than Dreamcloud which affect the overall feel. The velvety-soft surface layer makes you feel like you’re sinking into bed when you first lie down. The additional Airscape™ layer features cooling technology to help enhance airflow and reduce trapped heat. The result is that you may sleep a bit cooler with the Casper Nova Hybrid than with the Dreamcloud. The other layers are for extra support and targeted pressure relief in 7 unique zones, unlike Dreamcloud’s overall pressure relief.  In other words, Casper’s Nova Hybrid provides a differing amount of support depending on the body area (such as head or hips), giving a more ergonomic feel. Finally, the added cushioning bounce will allow you a little more motion transfer than Dreamcloud.


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Sizes & Pricing Compared

Both Dreamcloud and Casper’s mattresses are available in 6 different sizes, with varying prices. These include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. Overall, the price of Dreamcloud’s mattress range is lower than Casper’s mattress range. Here are the comparative sizes and prices for each brand:

dreamcloud vs casper prices

Purchasing Benefits of Each Brand

In this aspect of our mattress comparison, Dreamcloud is definitely a winner. The Casper Hybrid Nova mattress comes with a 100-day risk-free trial, free no-contact delivery, and a 10-year warranty. The Dreamcloud mattress, on the other hand, comes with a 365-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, free shipping, and returns and financing availability.

Dreamcloud VS Casper: Mattress Comparison Conclusion

Buy a Dreamcloud mattress if:


  • You’re looking for overall pressure relief and body contouring
  • You want a taller (15″ height) mattress
  • You like the idea of a cashmere
  • You’re on more of a budget
  • You want a longer trial period and warranty
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Buy a Casper Nova Hybrid if:


  • You think you’d benefit from the 7 zones that provided targeted pressure relief
  • The premium price tag is not an issue for you or you are open to financing
  • You want a plush top that feels like you’re sinking into a cloud when you lie down
  • You’re looking for a mattress that’s 12″ high
  • You like that the cover includes up to 70 recycled bottles
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