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Updated on August 13th, 2023
Alice Austin
Written by Alice Austin

For decades, buying a mattress involved going to your local bedding store and lying on different mattresses. But this isn’t an accurate way to judge a mattress, and you may end up spending more and buying the wrong mattress. But there is another way… 

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The benefits to buying online

So you’ve decided it’s time to update your mattress, and now all you have to do is find one. For decades, that involved trawling around your local bed shop, lying on various mattresses for a few minutes trying to figure out if you’ll get a good nights sleep on it. But the fact is it’s impossible to know if you’ll sleep well on a mattress without actually sleeping on it. That’s why, when buying a mattress online brands offer trial periods, within which you can return or change your mattress if it is not the right fit.

Finding the right mattress

Google “Best Mattress 2022” or “Buy Mattress Online” and you’ll be hit with more results than you can possibly look through. It can feel overwhelming knowing where to start, but once you’ve figured out the following factors, you’ll be well on your way:

Mattress type

There are three main types of mattress: innerspring, foam and hybrid.

Innerspring mattresses are more breathable thanks to the space between the coils that make up the support system. As a result, it’s easier for air to circulate inside the mattress, which makes it cooler than a foam bed. So if you get hot at night and want a mattress that’ll guarantee a better sleep, consider an innerspring mattress. However, be wary that the springs are prone to break over time.

Foam mattresses are good for anyone who is recovering from injury or gets aches and pains at night. Foam will contour to your body which relieves pressure, reduces pain and improves sleep quality for some people. High density foam, also improves spinal alignment so if you have a bad back or are prone to injury, foam might be the right choice for you.

Hybrid mattresses have the supportive benefits of coils without the downsides of an innerspring mattress. They also allow air circulation while offering the pressure relief of a foam mattress.

It’s important to look out for delivery and return times. You want make sure your mattress has a lengthy trial period, so you can return it for free if it’s not right for you. And make sure the delivery options are convenient – you don’t want to pick up a mattress from a warehouse when you don’t have a car.

Choosing a mattress firmness level

This part can get a little tricky, especially when buying online. If you’re a first-time mattress buyer, the chance is you’re not sure what firmness level works best for you. But the following factors will help you make a decision:

Body Weight: Body weight is a determining factor in mattress firmness, as those who weigh under 130 pounds will need a softer mattress as they won’t sink into the bed. Similarly, people who weigh over 230 pounds may prefer a firmer sleep surface so they don’t sink too deep.

Sleeping Position: Are you a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper? Your sleep position will help you figure out the right firmness level for you. Side sleepers hold all their weight on one side, which puts pressure on hips and shoulders. As a result, they often prefer a softer mattress. Back sleepers need less support so they’ll likely prefer medium firmness, while stomach sleepers need more alignment support, so we recommend a firm mattress.

Comfort Preferences: Ultimately, firmness level comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy feeling cradled, while others need a stronger surface. You know your preferences better than anyone, so we recommend taking an educated guess and if the mattress doesn’t deliver a better sleep, you can always return it.

Best Mattress 2022 recommendations

At we have hundreds of mattresses to choose from, and all of them have their own unique benefits. To make life easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to our four favourites in terms of value, comfort, online shopping experience and quality.

Nectar Sleep

They say it’s like sleeping on a cloud, and once you try it out you’ll probably agree. This bed has a quilted cooling cover, memory foam and a stabilising base layer to ensure ultimate support. Plus the online shopping experience is unparalleled, with forever warranty, free shipping and returns and the option to pay in instalments. It’s also been nominated and won many awards, including Best Mattress 2022.

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With a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly and breathable material, Saatva mattresses are consistent contenders for Best Mattress 2024. Choose from the Saatva Classic, the Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, the Saatva Latex Hybrid and many more to experience the sleep of your life. Click to compare all Saatva mattresses.

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We hope this article encourages you to buy your mattress online so you can save time, money and get a great night’s sleep. For more recommended mattresses, head to

Our Top Picks For April 2024
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Is there a such thing as you have break a Bed in .

Yes, it's very normal for a new mattress to take time to 'break in'

Yes, it’s very normal for a new mattress to take time to ‘break in’

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