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How a Luxury Mattress Can Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5* Hotel

Updated: October 3, 2023
Alice Austin

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Alice Austin

When we think about treating ourselves, we often think of a luxury retreat, a 5* hotel or a Michelin star restaurant. But why not make that luxury a permanent part of your life? With a luxury mattress, you can sleep like royalty every single night. 

The Lifestyle of Dreams

Cast your mind back to the most luxurious sleep of your life. Were you at a 5* resort in Bali? Or a boutique hotel in Paris? Or perhaps you were on a weekend spa break with your loved ones. If you’re craving crisp white sheets, an air-soft mattress and plush pillows, we have some good news. You can re-create that luxury sleep every night of your life for a fraction of the cost by investing in a luxury mattress. It’s common for us to spoil ourselves by splashing out on beautiful holidays and delicious meals, but we don’t often think about investing in our comfort at home. In the US, it’s common for people to change their mattress once every 8 years, and even then they’ll spend frugally. But considering a good night’s sleep impacts every aspect of our lives, a mattress is definitely worth investing in.  
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What makes a luxury mattress?

With thousands of mattresses to choose from, it can be hard to distinguish which ones are luxury. Every mattress provider will guarantee you a better sleep and claim they’re contenders for Best Mattress 2022, but what makes a luxury mattress? Our friends at Saatva say that luxury is built to last. For luxurious and better sleep, focus on the details, such as the materials used to make the mattress. Luxury is also about the life-span, so purchasing a mattress that’s engineered to last longer will ensure a great night’s sleep for many years. And, for the ultimate taste of luxury, don’t forget to invest in your bedding. We’re talking memory foam pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets and layers of throw pillows to replicate that 5* hotel feeling. 

How to choose a luxury mattress

Choosing a new mattress can be exhausting. You’ll be able to tell if a mattress is high quality by several factors: Thickness and height: if a mattress is thick it’ll allow greater weight distribution which is better for spinal alignment and comfort. A high-quality foam or latex mattress will usually be about 10 to 12 inches, while an innerspring mattress will be 12 to 14 inches. Anything thinner than that is low quality and might even be detrimental to your sleep and therefore your health. Density and weight: If a mattress is very lightweight, it’s likely made from cheap, synthetic materials which will make it less supportive than a heavyweight mattress. If you can carry a mattress in your arms, it’s too light and therefore not luxury. Springiness: A mattress shouldn’t squeak. A luxury mattress should be soft and quiet while having a ton of spring. Memory foam shouldn’t be springy, but should change shape in accordance to your body. If it springs back into shape right away, it’s not a high quality mattress.  Materials: Feel the materials that cover your mattress. Are they cheap and synthetic? Or are they thick, rich and soft? If a mattress is rigid or warm to the touch, it’s made from cheap material and it’s best to avoid it.  We also believe that sustainable, eco-friendly materials distinguish the best mattresses, so pay attention to the sustainability of your mattress materials before buying. Avoid polyester and other synthetic materials, and look out for eco-friendly foams and organic cottons. 

Are luxury mattresses affordable?

The short answer is – yes! Just because a mattress is 5* rated, it doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. This feature from reviewgeek.com says it all – the comfort of your luxury mattress paired with sustainable and high-end materials will ensure your mattress is supportive, breathable and long-lasting.  Surprisingly, many luxury mattresses are about the same price of a standard mattress when you purchase online. Digital retailers don’t have the same overheads as physical stores, which means they can cut the cost of their product. You can find many contenders for best mattress 2022 on our website, and purchase online for a fraction of the price of physical retailers. 

How long will a luxury mattress last?

Many variables influence the lifespan of a mattress, including the quality, the materials used and the weight and sleep style of the person using it. A luxury mattress will last longer than a standard mattress as it’s made from sustainable, organic materials.  Most mattresses in the best mattress 2022 category should last upwards of 10 years – and they’ll support your sleep, align your spine and maintain that luxury feeling right up until the end.

What to expect from a luxury mattress

You’ll be able to re-live that 5* resort in Bali, that boutique hotel in Paris and that weekend spa break every single night. Investing in a luxury mattress is really an investment in yourself, and you’ll feel the benefits every day. You’ll fall asleep quicker, you’ll wake up more refreshed and this will have a positive impact on your day-to-day life, too. You’ll be able to focus better, you’ll strengthen your immune system and you’ll be better able to handle stress. And the best bit – it’ll cost about the same as one night in a luxury hotel.

Our Best Mattress 2022 Recommendations

It can be hard to pick the right luxury mattress, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top three contenders for best mattress 2022.  DreamCloud believe that an elevated life begins with sleep you deserve. Their range of luxury mattresses are guaranteed to give every sleeper a taste of luxury for less. Their DreamCloud Sleep hybrid mattress is crafted from sustainable, premium materials. A mixture of foam and innerspring, it’s comfortable, contoured, plush and will instantly transform your bedroom into a 5* hotel. Saatva have reinvented the mattress industry. By developing a disruptive online business model, the Saatva team were able to create a world-class mattress at competitive pricing, so everyone has access to a great night’s sleep. Now Saatva’s luxury mattresses are the internet’s most popular premier mattress – and once you try one, you’ll understand why. We hope this inspires you to transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel, and treat yourself every single day. For even more inspiration, check out our recommended luxury mattresses.

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Alice Austin

Alice Austin

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