8 Reasons You Should Buy A Mattress Online

Manilla Buch Johnsson

Oct 27 2021

Worried that shopping for a mattress online will be more of a headache than buying in-store? Think again!
It’s never been so easy to buy a mattress online. From generous trial periods to stress-free returns policies, our featured brands have thought of everything, so there’s no need to even step outside your door.
Read below and we’ll walk you through 8 reasons why to buy your next mattress online!

1. Competitive Prices

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People who buy mattresses online can save up to 15% compared to in-store prices. Yes, 15%!

Since high-street retailers dramatically reduce their operational costs by moving to the online marketplace, they can afford to sell their products to customers on the internet for less, which allows for the discount mentioned above.

When shopping for a mattress online you can buy from brands such as Nectar for a lot less than what you would’ve had to pay in a retail store. This means that when you buy online, you save quite a decent chunk of money for the same quality of a high-street retailer.

2. Long Trial Periods

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Many people prefer to buy mattresses in a physical store since they can try them before buying them. However, this should not stop you from doing all of your future mattress shopping online. As many sellers are aware that people want to try out their new mattress before committing to it, you can find online retailers that offer trial periods of up to a whole 365 nights.

On top of that, you are always covered by a 14-day refund policy when shopping online, no matter your purchase. That way, you are pretty much always protected when you buy a mattress online!

Finally, another huge benefit of the lengthy trial periods when purchasing your mattress online is that you can also get a more accurate feel if the mattress suits your needs. In contrast, you wouldn’t be able to do that by trying and laying on a mattress in a physical store for a couple of minutes, where you, to top it off, can’t just take advantage of a sweet return policy if you later find out that the mattress isn’t the right one for you.

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3. Delivered Straight to Your Door

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It’s no longer in fashion to worry about home delivery because online mattress sellers deliver your purchase to your doorstep. Some companies, such as Saatva, even take their service to the next level and deliver it all the way into your room, making swapping out your old mattress for a new one a breeze. This only adds to the overall convenient experience of online mattress shopping, which brings us to the next advantage.

4. Generous Return Policies

Another huge benefit that is almost exclusive to online mattress retailers is the extended product warranties. If you end up buying a mattress and aren’t particularly satisfied with the product or start to notice early signs of wear and tear, most online mattress marketplaces have very generous warranties.

For example, brands such as Ghostbed and Saatva offer warranties of 15 years, whereas brands like Nectar give their customers a lifelong warranty with the ability to get a replacement within the first two years of your purchase.

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5. Stress free shopping experience

Imagine going to a high-street store to buy a new mattress. Not only are you overwhelmed with choice, but you also have a salesperson following you around, ready to persuade you to buy every mattress that you may have a liking for.

If you don’t feel comfortable around pushy salespeople trying to sell you everything or anything, buying the best mattress online that suits your needs is the way to go. While we all appreciate a specialist’s advice, strong decision-making skills are not everyone’s strong point.

The pressure is real, and it can easily lead to impulse shopping, which is not something you’d want to do with a mattress that you will spend a third of your life on.

Now, imagine looking up mattresses online. You have an endless amount of choice to pick from with all of the information you need (including reviews from previous customers) at your fingertips.

6. Excellent Customer Service

With online shopping, you can browse all available options and read product descriptions comfortably on your own.

This doesn’t mean that the purchase of your next mattress has to be made without an expert. With 24/7 email, phone and live chat customer service you will be fully supported in your mattress decision.

The best part of online retail stores is the customer service that is ready to assist you anytime is always available, but only when you ask for it. Sounds very tempting!

7. Time Saver

Buying the best mattress online for your needs saves you plenty of time and effort compared to physical shopping. The whole process of browsing, paying, and receiving is just one click away.

When you buy a mattress online, you no longer have to worry about spending your days off searching for a new bed, traipsing for hours around a physical store. Even if you urgently need a new mattress, you can skip the long waiting and delivery times and get a new mattress in as little as 24 hours!

8. See What Others Are Saying

This is where the quote “ask the experienced rather than the learned” comes in handy. A major benefit to buying mattresses online is the ability to read a number of online mattress reviews from real customers. Customer reviews will give you an idea about the product you’re considering from ordinary people who aren’t trying to sell you anything.

What are you waiting for?

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We understand that it’s not easy to make such a huge purchase online, but there’s hardly anything to regret about online mattress shopping with all these benefits listed above. With trial periods of online mattresses substituting physical trials at showrooms, you have nothing to lose.

In fact, you will save money, time, and effort and might end up having the sleep of your life on a mattress you bought online.

If buying the best mattress online is what you’re after, you should check Saatva, Ghostbed, or Nectar. They are some of the most satisfactory brands according to customers. You can find out more about these brands and many more in our collection of online mattress reviews and articles.


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