Why Locally Sourced Materials Help You Sleep Better

Myra Nizami

Jan 19 2022

Mattresses do a lot for us. It’s where we rest, sleep, sometimes work, relax, and so much more. But how often are we thinking about what our mattress is made of and how the materials potentially affect us?

In recent years, reports have emerged around mattress safety and scrutiny over the materials used. Research has shown that some mattresses can emit toxic chemicals triggered by body heat, and could be a cause for concern down the line.

Mattresses are one of the bigger investments you make for your home, and you want to feel safe and confident in the choices you make. That’s why it’s so crucial to take a closer look at mattress materials and their environmental impact. It’s one of the main reasons why many are choosing organic mattresses for their home, made from locally sourced materials.

To help with making the best mattress choice for your home, we’re doing a deep dive into mattress materials and sustainable mattress brands that should be on your radar.

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Why organic latex mattresses are better for the environment

Mattresses that use locally sourced materials are inherently better for the environment and pose fewer toxicity risks for customers – but what does that really mean when you’re looking for affordable organic mattresses?

A lot of commercial mattresses contain polyurethane, which is the main chemical linked to toxicity as it’s petroleum-based, and flame-retardant materials. So there are definitely concerns about what goes into manufacturing mattresses, and that shouldn’t be the case. And that’s where organic mattresses come in. Many new mattress brands are coming out with the best organic mattresses that are non-toxic, durable, and made from premium materials for true comfort and healthy sleep.

The main differentiator these new brands have is their material choices and how that leads to healthier sleep. Sustainable brands have constructed mattresses using eco-friendly materials such as natural latex and bamboo. The end result? Organic mattresses that are comfortable and breathable without causing harm to the environment.

Best sustainable mattress brands

It’s easier to understand the benefits of organic latex mattresses by looking at leading sustainable mattress brands such as Plushbeds, Saatva, and Ghostbed. These sustainable mattress brands are leading the charge for organic mattresses by using materials to ensure a healthier sleep without harming the environment.


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Plushbeds manufactures luxury organic latex mattresses and is one of the leading sustainable mattress brands. Plushbed mattresses are known for their superior comfort and offer a wide variety of organic mattresses depending on needs.

What sets Plushbeds organic mattresses apart from the others is the material choice and quality. All Plushbed organic latex mattresses are manufactured in the USA, using GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and GOTS certified organic wool. The materials are eco-friendly and come together to help customers get a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, Plushbeds organic mattresses are recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors due to the pressure relief and support the mattress provides.

The materials used in Plushbed mattresses, alongside their unique construction, help promote healthier sleeping. Customers can rest easy knowing the materials used are safe and natural while also enjoying the mattress itself and the support it provides.


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Saatva has been a mainstay in sustainable mattress brands and remains known for its affordable organic mattresses. Saatva organic mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, natural latex, organic wool, and GOTS-certified organic cotton mattress covers.

Plus, Saatva mattresses come with three different firmness options to give customers ample choice in selecting a mattress that fits their comfort level. Each layer is constructed thoughtfully for a good night’s sleep, using breathable and soft eco-friendly materials to achieve that. Subbrands such as Zenhaven provide a similar level of comfort and relaxation with their mattresses but come with a higher price tag.

You can learn more about Saatva, including detailed mattress reviews and more here.


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Ghostbed is one of the best sustainable mattress brands and has a lot to offer customers. Mattresses are made with cutting-edge technology and feature eco-friendly materials as part of their design. Ghostbed organic latex mattresses are manufactured in the USA and offer a lot of comfort and support for all kinds of sleepers.

Each Ghostbed organic mattress is constructed with a high-density foam core, contouring gel memory foam, and aerated latex (non-allergenic) top layer so that customers can have a healthy night’s sleep. Each Ghostbed organic mattress is designed with professionals in the industry to ensure optimal comfort for different sleeping styles.

If you’re looking for more information on Ghostbed organic mattresses, such as detailed reviews, you can find that here.

Ghostbed natural sustainable sleep
Source: Ghostbed

Trying to find affordable organic mattresses that are also considered the best organic mattresses can seem difficult, but there are lots of great options emerging. As we learn more about the chemicals and toxins in mattresses that could potentially harm us, it’s all the more important to look for locally sourced materials.

With an organic mattress, you sleep better knowing that your mattress is made from organic, natural materials. Plus, with so many great features and design options, you get the option of having a sustainable mattress specially designed to give you comfort and rest night after night.

Having trouble choosing which organic mattress to purchase? We can help! You can find in-depth reviews, comparisons, and information on leading sustainable mattress brands here.

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